How celebrities congratulated women on March 8. Photo


Today, March 8, is international women’s day.

The opinions of Ukrainians on this holiday was divided, however, the representatives of domestic show-business never miss a chance to reach out to their fans with the touching words. As the celebrity congratulations on 8 March, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

International women’s day – an opportunity once again to remind women about the light and beauty that they bring into this world. March 8 ribbon social networking is replete with sensual greetings, flowers and romantic gifts. Did not remain indifferent to this momentous day and bright representatives of the Ukrainian show-business, which scattered dozens of compliments and touching confessions.

Alyona Alyona: “You’re strong, you’re smart, you’re creative, you’re independent! You beautiful everything! Everything you do is done with love! You’re a wonderful mother, sister, wife, friend, you’re unique. Always be yourself, love yourself and this is good.”

Pavel Zibrov: “I congratulate all women with the spring holiday! Girls, women, I congratulate you with the 8th of March, because I was very surprised what came up your holiday only once a year, I think we need to congratulate as often as possible, because you are our half and deserve to take care of you and loved every day.”

Vitaliy Kozlovskiy: “to My sweet, beautiful, touching, subtle beauties! I congratulate you with spring and a beautiful day of March 8!”

Vladimir Ostapchuk: “How are you coming with us, girls, to suffer. We always do stupid shit, I can’t choose basic yogurt, the baby will not leave us and in front of friends sometimes ashamed. We are not watching your weight, language and purse … We can be perfect only when strictly alagem and silk go exactly to your “alright, I forgive you, come get a hug”. But despite it all You love us. Do you believe in us, you admire us, you are giving life and a second wind, you give one-is-sure-last-chance. Years… So be in our hearts, our thoughts and our songs”

Alexander Pedan: “Girls with Your Day! Let men give flowers regularly and not just once a year! Well, today just OKRUGU you of your attention! Regarding equality, I will tell how henpecked with the experience:”Every successful man knows that his success is always half belongs to his spouse! “

Darius Kvitkova: “on March 8, favorite. I wish that your man gave you flowers, not only on this day that your eyes always glowed with happiness and never cry, and if there were tears in my eyes, only happiness. I embrace all”.

Dan Balan: “congratulations, dear. Feel the magic of this day, and get your great emotions for the whole year. Today, only love!”

Monatik: “We have #Much love! With a holiday! You are so special”

Olga Sumskaya: “There are very simple things: care, attention, a smile, a gentle look, a Breakfast together or a call in the morning if you on the bouquet of Mimosa or tulips… But you always want something more. On March 8 us, girls!”

Irakli Makatsaria: “Dear girls, I congratulate you on this wonderful day. Thank you for what you make us better and fill your life with beautiful moments, I wish you to Shine brighter every day and may the smile never leaves you.”


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