How strangers can be registered in the apartment without the consent of the owners


Как чужие люди могут прописываться в квартире без согласия хозяев

Residence in Russia was canceled after the collapse of the Soviet Union — in 1990-e years. Since that time, the whereabouts of the Russians is controlled with information on registration at the place of temporary or permanent residence. If the person was in the apartment, he does not give the right to housing. He can only use this area.

As stated in the laws of the Russian Federation, a person has no rights on the design of the apartment registration without the consent of the owner, including family members who live there. But the law has some exceptions.

Как чужие люди могут прописываться в квартире без согласия хозяевIf privatized housing is not owned by those who live in it constantly, then the owner has the right without informing the current tenants to give or deny registration of people in his apartment.

This procedure is not possible with the non-privatized housing. As the law States, children are registered in the place where was their parents. At a time when the juvenile is put on the account, does not require any consent of the owner.

For registration of any check given from 3 to 8 days. Every citizen of the Russian Federation shall be registered with the authorities. Registration enables the use of certain administrative services. Permanent registration is required to receive benefits, including the design of a driver’s license and other documents.

If a person lives in the apartment without registration, it can be fined. In the Russian capital and Saint Petersburg the amount of such penalty can reach up to 5 thousand rubles. While exceptional are the cases when a citizen is living without registration at a specific address, having in the same city a permanent record.

Как чужие люди могут прописываться в квартире без согласия хозяевEach owner can also be fined if he lives a man without registration. In a typical city the amount of the fine ranges from 2 thousand to 5 thousand rubles In the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg the fine comes to 7 thousand

The procedure of registration impossible in the buildings slated for demolition. If the city authorities make the decision about the demolition of the house, it stops the registration.


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