How sex affects human health: insights of experts


Как секс влияет на здоровье человека: выводы экспертовExperts were able to prove that the lack of sex affects the human immune system.

Scholars argue that the lack of sex in human life adversely is displayed on the state of his health, not only on moral but also physical.

As it turned out to be much more hardy in this case are women. They can live without meet their own sexual needs without compromising their own body far more a long time. The regularity of sex, as the researchers note one of the fundamental formulas for the normal functioning of the body. The long absence of sexual intercourse, on the contrary, causes serious harm.

First and foremost, it suffers from the immune system. The second begins to break hormonal imbalance, and the third is not the hormone of happiness. Intimacy for women is important primarily as a psychological reality.

If you have regular sex, the fair sex there is a greater confidence. In men the situation is somewhat different. The lack of regular sex can cause serious problems with erectile dysfunction and involuntary ejaculation.


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