How Russians survive by eating all this food?


Как россияне выживают, употребляя всё это в пищу?

While CPS is busy trade war with Belarusian food, trying by all means to limit their exports to Russia, the German magazine “der Spiegel” tested the quality of Russian food exports and came to very disappointing conclusions.

They began with the export product No. 1 – fish ROE. As it turned out, of the 23 tested species of this product, only 13 met the standard of hygiene. In addition, some banks were found E. coli. “How the Russians survive by eating all this food?” – asks German magazine.

From the cow palms

The fall in oil prices and the weakening of the ruble led to the fact that the purchasing power of Russians has dropped. As a consequence, manufacturers are forced to keep prices for food, while saving on quality. According to Der Spiegel, the producers in Russia to use vegetable fats instead of animal, and violate safety standards, selling of radioactive mineral water, milk, ammonia, and eggs with E. coli.

Like it or not really, it would be possible to determine, after comprehensive studies by the same CPS. It is obvious that the statement of the German magazine causes considerable image damage to the Russian products. And if our “jelly” in Europe don’t eat Russian caviar famous throughout the world. However, for the health of Russians officials would have to rasstaratsya and find out, after all there is a danger or not?

Alas, to conduct a similar study of the strength of the CPS is not possible. “Because of the high cost,” as explained to me in this Department. You’ll want to trust the investigation of Der Spiegel. Among other things it showed that Russia actively uses in the food industry palm oil to replace milk and animal fats: “the Import of palm oil to Russia increased last year by 20%. On the shelves of shops in Moscow and other cities are butter and cheese, on the packaging, which painted a cow, but they for the most part consist of palm oil,” concludes Der Spiegel. Also, the publication writes that due to the increased demand for palm oil in Russia it is transported in tanks from the “tar and gasoline.”


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