How not to gain weight at the carnival: tips nutritionists


Как не набрать вес в Масленицу: советы диетологовPancakes, as it turned out, can be dietary.

Maslenitsa is the week before lent, when traditionally, it is customary to cook and eat delicious pancakes with different fillings. Usually, pancakes are associated with quite high-calorie and fatty foods, in fact, the way it is. But nutritionists are convinced that, if desired, the person can eat pancakes and a figure to keep.

The advice of nutritionists, allowing you to cook low-calorie and useful to shape the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday:

– cook the pancakes in a nonstick pan and add little bit of vegetable oil;

– do not use wheat flour, and cook the pancakes on buckwheat, oats, whole wheat flour;

– less sugar in the composition of the pancakes, the better;

– sweet fillings of sugar is also advisable not to put, for this approach and more useful for health and shape product – honey;

salty pancakes can be cooked with greens, chopped in a blender and added to the dough, it will help the pancakes to be absorbed faster;

– instead of milk you can use low-fat yogurt;

– stuffed pancakes unsalted fish and try to avoid pancakes with red caviar, as it has a lot of salt which can lead to fluid retention in the body and, consequently, weight gain;

– meat for stuffing, it is better to choose low-fat varieties and fry it also need with the minimum amount of oil;

– low-fat cottage cheese and dried fruit in pancakes is much safer for the figure, rather than melted chocolate, and tinned fruit.

Don’t forget to comply with the measure, as the Carnival will last 7 days and during this time the risk of overeating high as possible to gain a couple of excess pounds.

Same goes for alcohol, because many people on holidays is the excuse to abuse alcohol, Carnival is no exception. But, as we know, alcohol retains fluid in the body, contains a lot of calories and increases appetite, changes human consciousness, from what he can eat what is on the table, without stopping.

Another valuable advice from experts on nutrition: after the feast, even with dietary pancakes, go out into the fresh air and walk a few kilometres at a moderate pace, and to return home drink a Cup of green tea and go to bed with a clear conscience, as if some fats and ended up with pancakes in your gut, thanks to the walk they will settle in “inaccessible” areas and your weight will not increase.


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