How much walk through the entire map Far Cry 5


За сколько пешком можно пройти всю карту Far Cry 5On full crossing the entire map for the game Far Cry 5 player went 54 minutes.

In the network appeared the new videotapes, which the author decided to check the size of the game world of Far Cry 5, and therefore crossed the entire map and got it on video.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of the video the author said about how much he had to spend time going over maps the remaining parts of the series Far Cry. The shortest journey was the walk in addition Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon — just 15 minutes. The longest was a trip just for Far Cry 5, with a duration of 54 minutes. On Far Cry 2 the author spent 48 minutes on Far Cry 3 is 49 minutes. On completing the map of Far Cry 4, the author spent 48 minutes, and Far Cry: Primal was 42 minutes.


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