How much can you earn home mining?


Сколько можно заработать на домашнем майнинге?

The Russian government is preparing another threat to cryptocurrency lovers (or, as it is called, crypt): bitcoin, eterium and other fruits of mining. The Finance Ministry has drafted a law on digital money. If earlier the Russian authorities simply do not recognize, and now want to adjust that much more dangerous for that part of the population, which is addicted to a peaceful home mining.

The meaning of the law is simple: to cut off from the cryptocurrency market individuals. It will be able to trade only specially authorised firms – similar to the securities market. Moreover, according to presidential will and the dictates of PRB in Russia should have its scriptural, which, however, does not go beyond the authorized Bank wallets, so it will be far from the pockets of ordinary people.

However, the law is no answer to the question: “What to do with the miners?”Those who create the cryptocurrency on their own home computer or farm. Another year and a half ago, the Ministry of Finance wanted to introduce them to criminal liability – up to 4 years for the creation and sales. But the temper of the Ministry of Finance suddenly softened, and is now available for all earners to write to individual entrepreneurs and milking in the existing legislation. But technically the IRS will implement it, is unclear.

Industry mining

While the authorities decide how to resolve the cryptocurrency in Russia, in order to replenish the state budget, citizens still have time to loot lithinon, eterium, sedesa and monero. Moreover, the high season of mining is in full swing and the city roam dozens of Adjusters, shouting: “And the farm, who is mine!»

The process of extraction of critobulus can be calculated: we know what equipment you’ll need, how much it will cost altogether. But to accurately calculate the profit difficult because they come – the speculators. The course of the crypts begins to ride: human greed is poorly described statistics. In such circumstances, to predict anything is almost impossible. First the rise of bitcoin in 2013-m to year – already became history. Last year began with a new rise when the exchange rate of bitcoin was to overcome one thousand-dollar milestone after another. It was the impetus for the development of mass mining: ordinary people in many countries began to invest in the equipment. A significant role was played by information boom raised around digital money.

However, the basis for their popularity was the technological simplicity and availability. To build a power plant at home to sell energy to neighbors, still difficult. I was sold in store graphics card, inserted into your home computer and start earning.

So who in the world was the mining industry: some develop algorithms, other manufactured equipment, the third create kryptonite, their fourth steal.

However, the fervor has a reverse side: first lost technology, which is used for mining, then it came back, but at high prices. And if a year ago to start mining the crypt was enough to get 4-5 cards for the farm, but now graphics cards have 6-8. Only in this case, you can recoup the investment in less than a year.

In addition, with the arrival of new miners each new coin is given at great cost. However, while the production amount of cryptocoins remains quite profitable.

The Chinese bit

First, the most famous cryptomonad – bitcoin was created by graphics cards, and then invented a special chip – asik (ASIC) that significantly speed up the process and reduce energy consumption. Of course, like most electrical goods, they have Asian origin. The lion’s share of Asimov with Chinese factories settles immediately in the local Chinese pools (associations of miners), which mercilessly exploit the new hardware, and then sell it to Europe and America. This monopoly has repeatedly led to conflicts. Mostly with American colleagues. But since bitcoin was the first coin that has already invested a lot of capital, it remains the main indicator of the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, for the convenience of bitcoins chopped into pieces under the name of Satoshi, who constitute one one hundred millionth part of the cue ball. This was done originally so that they were accessible to the common investor.

These Asian-American game would have remained available to us by sight, if our compatriot Vitaly Buterin not invented to create blockchains – the basics amount of cryptocoins – new algorithm: eterium (ethereum), or ether. It can be implemented only on the cards. In fact, the eterium is a platform which can be used to implement various projects to enter into decentralized contracts to create distributed databases, based on the principle of the blockchain or block chain. But this requires actually blocks that just produce the miners. And get paid for their labor: 25% of the established blockchains. Therefore, in this case, the income from mining is the only reward, and not printing money. But when the cryptocurrency rate crosses a few thousand dollars, the majority is not up to such philosophical things – have mine!

A significant role for the promotion of eterium to the masses played a competent PR-campaign awareness work, which has relentlessly pursued press Butenin. He talks about how good and right to use the blockchain in a variety of industries. The people nods knowingly, but actively collects simple device for mining: the farm. The combination of information transparency and accessibility brought eterium into second place in terms of capitalization on the cryptocurrency market over the last year.

Essential creation farm

The first question to decide is reasonable for miners to buy asik or to build a farm? Easy setup attracted to acicam many pamineti. But this should have an initial capital: the normal price for this ingenious device starts with 500-1000 dollars. The amount is not that big, so these things are already in homes and offices are efficient Petersburgers.

Formally, of course, all these asik sold as new, but, having examined most of them, you can see traces of the ruthless exploitation of the previous Chinese owners. In the production of amount of cryptocoins technique works 24 hours 7 days a week. And naturally wears out. Add to this high temperature, which creates a chip at work. These factors lead to relatively rapid “aging” technique in the extraction of the crypts.

Unlike asik, which is bought ready for use, for mining on graphics cards requires some mental effort. Actually the map is just an accelerator of the process. And in order to get it started, it is necessary to collect the farm as a constructor of the finished parts. Take the motherboard and stick it the processor, power supply and graphics card. To load the operating system and install the driver.

Well then everything is as usual: download the final program for mining open the wallet for the amount of cryptocoins and start to make a profit.

Cryptocurrency has become the best conductor of technical knowledge in the General population. Young tech-savvy guys collect farm, set up the operating system, I use the program. And professionals turn only if something “goes wrong”. This is not surprising: a large part of the Assembly and configure the farm hundreds of options available online. There are descriptions of each step, numerous tutorials and everything is free for the reader. Well, since the topic is very hot, then the readers along the way you can make money on advertising. This is the first variant of earnings on the cryptocurrency on the Internet.

Among the proposals on the earnings of many of its simplicity simplier (simpleminer) for the operating system such as Linux or nishes (nicehash) for Windows. They are designed for those who want to understand the details: gathered the farm (self or hired) downloaded the appropriate program and it worked. However, this model has its disadvantage. All farm management is from outside the network. In fact, under this scheme, the owner sends his equipment to those who manages it with the help of the program. Of course, they are not robbing anyone, and just take a part namelennogo to its owner slept peacefully. In my experience approximately three out of ten users gravitate to such a simplified scheme. And, of course, this new business is not without overlap. In December last year nishes went offline, and when I came back, many people lost their amount of cryptocoins. With simplynairam we had to face. When I realized that after installing this program on all computers in the house are trying to manage through the network, we had another “clean” operating system and to reinstall them.

And now have to completely rebuild the “exclusive” farm, which the friends bought for the occasion in Moscow. She has a very unusual design and is cooled with a dry water. Extremely interesting, but also worked on simplyare — producers apparently wanted to preserve the control you even after the sale. In General, mining stimulates increase my qualifications.

When that pays off?

Professionals able to build and run the farm, in St. Petersburg a lot. In most cases Adjusters farms – guys 30-40 years, usually working with the system administrators at the main location. To date, the mass-produced assemblage of farms under the order from relatively cheap components imported straight from Chinese factories. Freshly picked farm can be bought for 120 thousand rubles. Can be even cheaper: buy a video card and worked for 5-10 thousand to hire a rigger. Will pay off this farm in 8-10 months, and then needs to make a profit.

Home mining can be called with a certain degree of conditionality. In normal operation, the card is heated to 60-80 degrees. So a farm of 5 cards in a working mode, that is, around the clock, raises the room temperature about 25-30 degrees. So the best place for her – somewhere on the balcony or in the garage. It is possible and in the office. I’ve seen the heroism of a true “farmers” shown during the mining of cryptocurrency. The couple of average years in a 3-room apartment was set on 10 farms, each of which has 5 cards. The only possible form of home clothes were underwear. But they suffered these torments, not in vain, and in 4-5 thousand dollars per month.

Usually St. Petersburg is still trying not to overheat: 1-3 farms that generate monthly about 300-900 dollars in the normal course of bitcoin.

As in any case involving the money, there are also thrill-seekers. One young customer asked me to rebuild his farm with mining is too boring for eterium, monero – new and yet underestimated digital currency. He explained that is a professional currency speculators, so it feels and when it will take off. By the end of last year it became clear that premonition not deceived him: the course of monero for the six months grew by 7 times – up to $ 500, and he was among the three fastest growing.

There are in the vicinity of St. Petersburg and “pools”: farms with several hundreds or thousands of graphics cards where cryptocurrency is produced on an industrial scale. To see this in the Leningrad region happened to me once. In fact, for them – those for whom this is a business, and written a new law.

And all the talk about the special love of illegal business to critobulus through which the alleged umywalce a huge amount – it is for the gullible readers of the official releases. In Russia there is only one unwritten article in the criminal code which is really used in practice: “not shared”. And when the news reported that someone was caught for cashing so many million in bitcoins, we need to understand that he could choose any currency: rupees, dollars or tug. It is only a tool. And put it under “not shared”.


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