How many more people will die because of Bulk?


Petersburg police checks on the fact of death of the woman, which could not drive the ambulance due to the fact that the road was blocked by participants of the unauthorized protest, said on Saturday, RIA Novosti the representative of the regional interior Ministry.


Сколько ещё людей умрет из-за Навального?

Earlier it was reported that on Saturday evening in St. Petersburg, about 1.8 thousand people staged an unauthorized March from the Champ de Mars towards the Foundry prospectus. The output of 38 people were taken to police departments. According to the interior Ministry, all delivered was rendered verbal warning, after which they were released.

“The police of the Central district is checked into the death of a woman who lived in the house at 8 Bell street. She became ill, called an ambulance. The ambulance was blocked by citizens who went to the Champs de Mars. In the end, the woman died,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the Agency, the ambulance staff asked for assistance from the traffic police, who tried to help, but are unable to arrange the travel of the ambulance.

This fact is confirmed in the municipal health Committee.

“Call from Bell street entered 18.48. The ambulance left the Mariinsky hospital, but on the corner of Nevsky and Liteiny prospect, apparently, was a gathering of people, and she was unable to drive, I had to connect the traffic police. In parallel, was directed the ambulance from the other side. The second ambulance crew arrived early and already pronounced him dead on the spot. The time of her arrival is unknown to me, but the first brigade arrived in 16 minutes, provided that you go from Central station to Bell street two minutes”, — said the representative of the Committee.


Navalny at the detention center, answering a journalist’s question of “Rain”, said that the results of the meetings were satisfied. Mine, as they say, it is necessary to keep a bad game. 250 detainees at 140 million…It’s nothing.

It’s not about that. The main sad result of yesterday’s action is the death of a woman that could be saved if so-called supporters have expressed their views within the law. And now let Bulk all the remaining days of serving his administrative arrest dream about this woman. And not only the remaining time in jail, and let them dream every night.


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