How does the security service, Kim Jong-UN. Photo


Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. ФотоThe famous “running the guard”.

The head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN visited Singapore where he met with U.S. President Donald trump. In the framework of this momentous event the world could once again see the famous “running of the guard”, which everywhere follow Kim and his car. Who it such actually.

Who are these people and how are they selected?

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото

Like all other heads of state Kim Jong UN has its own security service. The North Korean leader it is organized particularly well and is divided into three circles. Those bodyguards that are closest to the leader, as a rule, are members of the so-called “Division No. 6” Central party. It is also known as “Main office aides”. It is from these people formed the closest line of protection.

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото

To get there the service is extremely difficult, which is not surprising. Candidates are selected from people who passed through the Korean people’s army. Each candidate must have a growth comparable with the growth of the leader and a vision. Candidate should be good in shooting, martial arts and having flawless physical training. Public security authorities thoroughly examine all the ins and outs of the candidate, including his family up to two generations. Interestingly, many of the aides are relatives of the clan of the Kim or other senior North Korean families.

If the candidate passed the selection process, it is subjected to intense physical training, training, special skills, and intense psychological preparation.

How protection works and what is its population?

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото

Bodyguards, Kim Jong-UN in most cases create a leader around the ring in 360 degrees. Ahead should be from 3 to 5 bodyguards. Among them is also the Director of the Main Department. On each side of the leader goes even 2-3 bodyguards. Behind Kim is 5-6 people protection.

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото

All these security guards the only people in the country who are allowed to have firearms, being close to the head of state. Everyone (mostly) armed with two pistols – a standard-issue semi-automatic and a spare on the choice of a security officer. Despite this, the most important weapon of protection is its ability to observe and correctly assess the situation.

It is curious that Kim Jong-UN in matters of security did not go in the dad. The guards at the current head of North Korea order of magnitude smaller, they also become less aggressive look.

What about the wardrobe?

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото

Dress up the guards or in the costumes of Western style, or in the tunics of the party style. The guards also wear special badges, which can quickly get to know each other. No memorized passwords or codes, unlike other security services they do not use. Required attribute guard-driver are linen or leather gloves.

Looks such protection very severely.

Как работает охранная служба Ким Чен Ына. Фото


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