How dangerous is measles and how to protect themselves from it


Чем опасна корь и как от нее уберечьсяIn connection with the cases of the infection, the doctors once again spoke about the prevention of this disease.

In Ukraine are increasingly began to appear facts about increase in the incidence of measles. Therefore, each of us needs to know how dangerous is the disease and how to prevent.

Measles is an infectious disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Measles often affects children, but today adults also susceptible to infection, because many years ago of routine vaccination against measles was not.

Measles is accompanied by high fever, rash all over the body and the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, nose, and General intoxication of the organism.

Complications of measles:

– laryngitis, tracheitis, traheobronhit;

– otitis media;


– lymphadenitis;

– encephalitis.

It is worth noting that in adults, measles infection is much heavier than children, and almost always with complications in the form of pneumonia or bronchitis.

100% immunity against measles is not even in vaccinated children, but if the vaccine were introduced earlier, infection this infection will pass with the weak symptoms.

How to protect yourself against measles?

The only way to prevent measles is vaccination against the causative agent of the disease. The children are her two times in childhood, but as of now many parents refuse vaccinations, most children are not protected and, moreover, dangerous to other children and adults.

As the risk of a measles outbreak increases with each passing day, doctors insist on scheduled and unscheduled vaccination for children and adults. Those who are already vaccinated, to do re-vaccination is not necessary.


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