How can you get rid of diabetes at home


Как можно избавиться от диабета в домашних условиях Obesity and diabetes are very common problems.

To improve the lives of people, scientists are constantly looking for medicines to prevent them, and each time find new ways of influencing their sources. For example, researchers from Cambridge University found variations of the same genes that protect people from obesity and its symptoms – this discovery may lead to the creation of new types of drugs.

In 1998, scientists have learned that mutations in the MC4R gene can cause hereditary obesity of the person – some people are more likely to occur deposits of fat that increases body weight. Repeated analysis of the same genes in half a million volunteers showed that the gene is 61 variation, some of which, on the contrary, can prevent fat accumulation. Also among them there are options to prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

New research has paved the way for the creation of new types of drugs and shed light on the very nature of obesity. According to the researcher Sadaf faruki, their work proved once again that genetics plays a big role in the Constitution of man. Some people are lucky because they have genes that prevent obesity.

“The new concept is that genetic variants that protect from disease, can be used as models for the development of more effective and safe medicines” – Luke Lott, one of the authors of the study.

Among the drugs from obesity is very unusual in early 2019, researchers from mit have introduced tablets that swell in the stomach. Not only that, they suppress hunger, so still inside and they can be transported in the body medications and even a tiny camera.


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