How astronauts prepare for life on Mars. Photo


Scientists conducting research in the desert.

In the desert of Dhofar in Oman (Middle East), where the temperature in the hot summer can reach up to +51 degrees Celsius, is a Grand experiment. His goal is to prepare mankind of the future to life on Mars.

Participation in the project took more than 200 scientists from 25 countries. Under their supervision a few “astronauts” have to spend 3 weeks in the desert base, simulating a Martian colony. Similar experiments had previously been few, the same is characterized by its magnitude.

The participants of the projects should not just live on the base, but also to work in the greenhouse, walking in heavy space suits on the surface, launch drones in open space and use robotic Rovers (the Rovers).

Testing in the Omani desert by the Austrian space forum (ÖWF) is a consulting and research centre in Innsbruck.

Brownish-grey desert landscape the Dhofar look so “Martian” that they can be safely used in conspiracy theories, and to assure that it is here and made all the Mars photos.

The main base of “colonists” is a common item which is equipment of 2.4 tons, is surrounded by a lab and sleeping compartments “astronauts.”

Specially designed in Austria “Martian suit” “Auda” allows astronauts to travel to Mars, as the suits of competitors from NASA and other developers of the Martian clothing, but also to control the Rovers and other equipment of the Mars base.

The suit is named in honour of the Princess and the widow of Raja from the Jules Verne novel “Around the world in 80 days” and is equipped with everything needed to sustain and ensure the health of the astronaut. This system of breath and power supply, telecommunication, biometric sensors, ventilation and so on. This suit can eat, drink and even scratch the tip of the nose. For the cost of the suit is comparable to a Ferrari.

“Martian” expedition under the name AMADEE-18 is designed for 3 weeks and will last until February 28. Among the “astronauts” 4 men and one woman. In addition to staying in heavy spacesuits several hours a day, “the colonists” will have to perform 10 experiments. For example to find in the desert the water and “traces of life”.

The journalist of “MIR 24” has asked about the experiment, the lead researcher of the space research Institute of RAS, candidate of technical Sciences Nathan Eismont.

Five people will spend three weeks in the simulator of the Martian life. To do this, in the desert of Dhofar has delivered 4.5 tons of scientific equipment and products, has built a special module. Out of it participants of the Mars mission will be in 50-pound spacesuits, specially designed for the experiment. It cost an unimaginable sum, and from the reminiscent game. And how important is it for science?

N. E.: If we talk about the sums, they seem to be not very large, especially considering how much will be spent on the real expedition, which, I hope, ever will be. I think the difference here millions of times.

– If serious scientific data to fail, why spend exorbitant amount of money?

N. E.: Yes, indeed, big money, But one of the goals of this experiment is to learn how to behave in such a group, how to survive in the desert (the conditions there are in any case severe), to cope with the tasks, which were defined by the scientific group of this experiment. There are experiments that do not simply simulate a stay on Mars, and represent a real scientific interest.

I briefly looked that they were going to do there in particular, is the extraction of water by using geophone – a special device that shines through the ground. Water found on Mars, and it there was a lot. A large role was played by the space research Institute. It is so much that already people are talking about what not to take water with us. If water is what we need to learn to get it.

– Why, in principle, earthlings Mars?

N. E: I think he’s including need the earthlings for the realization of some dreams. We’re talking about some kind of expansion, and expansion beyond the Earth. We all hope that this expedition will ever take place, and it will be unifying. Such a common Stepnoy project, it will unite humanity. I think it’s worth it. Not only because no country alone will not pull such an expedition. Even if the project will not involve all countries of the world, it will still be perceived as a General thing. We are all earthlings, and that’s what brings.

– How much the Terrans technically ready for such a flight? And when he is likely to be possible? What is missing in the first place?

N. E: There are some problems that are difficult to solve today, although it is theoretically possible. Perhaps the most serious is the problem of radiation. Someone might say: well, the astronauts fly and cope with radiation. All the astronauts (with the exception of those who flew to the moon) fly under the radiation belts (this is a kind of shield against penetration of radiation formed by a magnetic field). There the radiation is five times lower than outside these zones.


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