Homemade ways to remove pain in the throat


Домашние способы устранения боли в горлеThese methods eliminate pain in the throat is available to everyone.

In autumn, many people pick up viruses and colds. Among the first symptoms of the common cold and SARS is sore and pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing food and saliva, hoarseness and so on. To be patient and wait until all self-will, doctors do not recommend, but if the clinic you do not want to go, then try the following methods to eliminate unpleasant sensations in the throat when seasonal diseases:

Rinsing with lemon water. In a glass of warm water squeeze the juice of lemon and rinse several times a day.

Gargle salt water with salt. One of the most “ancient” methods of treatment of sore throat, which is always surprising efficiency.

Milk with cocoa butter and honey. If cocoa butter in the house was not, you can use butter. This drink advisable to drink warm before bed. It calms the nervous system and reduces inflammation throughout the body, including in the throat. Plus, honey is a natural atiseptic, which eliminates pathogenic bacteria that occur in his way.

Decoction of chamomile as a remedy for gargling. Medicinal chamomile has antibacterial properties due to which people will go faster on the mend, but first and foremost stop sore throat. By the way, broth can not only gargle but to drink it like tea, which is also useful for respiratory viral infections.

Inhalation of a decoction of sage or mint. You can use other herbs that are antiseptikami. In addition to pain in the throat, pulmonary solve the problem stuffy nose.

Honey with lemon juice. You need to mix honey with lemon juice in a glass and eat a teaspoon every 20-30 minutes, slowly dissolving. This method is called the fastest and most effective.

These methods eliminate pain in the throat can be used without the supervision of a physician, but if the discomfort when swallowing are not for 2-3 days, then you should urgently seek medical advice, may need drug treatment.


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