Historical figures, famous because of greed. Photo


Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. ФотоTheir greed has no limit.

Greed, selfishness, and greed are the most common faults of people.

In the entire history of mankind, there were many famous people who, despite their greatness, was a very greedy and insatiable.

Some overcame these attacks of greed, they forgot one simple fact that life on this earth is not eternal.

Let’s look at the most greedy people in history.

Marcus Licinius Crassus

(115 or 114 – may 53 BC)

Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. Фото

While still young, he was obsessed with wealth, which in the end, was the main feature of his character. He rented land and bought slaves just to resell them later. Due to the complicated situation in Rome, associated with providing housing for all in need, Crassus enriched.

Ancient Rome was crowded, and the house was under great risk of fire. Fire in a house could destroy a city block. This situation is allowed to speculate, and Crassus had organized teams of firefighters who saved the house from fire. After that, he bought a partially burned house for a small price, conducted minor repairs and rented out.

Greed greed ruined him. Crassus killed during the devastating war, when he wanted to conquer the Parthian Kingdom, which was famous for its wealth. After the death in his mouth poured the molten gold as a symbol of his greed.

Cixi, the Empress of the Great Qing of China


Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. Фото

Despite the fact that she started her career as the Concubine of the Emperor Yizhi, she turned out to become a Regent of the Chinese Empire and rule for almost 50 years.

Some historians consider it a cruel dictator who killed a lot of people who, in her opinion could threaten its authority, and according to others she was sympathetic and attentive to others.

They say she kept 3,000 boxes of jewels and used the money of the Chinese Navy to build a Marble boat where she was dining using Golden wand. Cixi used her power to accumulate vast quantities of jewelry, Antiques, gold bullion and money. A large amount of money from the Treasury she spent on herself.

Henrietta Howland “Getty” or the green Witch of wall street

(1834 – 1916)

Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. Фото

Henrietta Howland green was a brilliant finansistka of the 20th century. She lived in the United States, and after his death in 1916, she left more than $ 100 million (today it is equivalent to 20 billion dollars). When she warmed oatmeal on the battery, because I didn’t want to spend the extra money to use plate.

Almost all of her life she lived in rented apartments, and the cheapest, despite the fact that she was the owner of entire neighborhoods in Chicago.

However, the most “vivid” example of greed can be considered an occasion when her son had his leg amputated due to the fact that her entire 3 days looking for a free hospital. When she was 82 years, Henrietta literally had a stroke, after she learned that her cook had paid for the bottle of milk more than you need.

John Paul Getty

(1892 – 1976)

Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. Фото

As the oil magnate and one of the richest people in the United States in the mid-20th century, John Paul Getty always wore cheap suits. Moreover, he even did not want to spend money on the iron to iron my things.

In his house he saved everything. It is also worth noting that in his own house he decided to install pay phones (street machines), because they were afraid of what his guests talk too much on the phone, which he had to pay large bills.

Perhaps the most famous example of greed happened to him when his grandson is kidnapped. The robbers demanded that John Paul Getty a ransom of $ 17 million. He categorically refused, because they believed that he had many grandchildren, but the money does not happen much. Some time later he received a parcel that contained his ear and a lock of hair grandson. The robbers said they will send John his grandson in pieces, if he does not pay.

In the end, he paid the robbers less than 3 million and they let the young man go. And even despite the fact that Paul Getty had secured the release of grandson, because of his injuries, the grandson became very ill, blind, numb, and eventually died in a wheelchair.

Ingvar Kamprad

(30 March 1926 – )

Исторические личности, прославившиеся благодаря жадности. Фото

First your money the founder of IKEA started making in elementary school. Ingvar wholesale purchased pencils and erasers, and sold them at exorbitant prices to their classmates. Today his fortune is estimated at 28 billion dollars.

Ingvar Kamprad loved to eat in cheap restaurants, flying as a normal passenger in the economy class, to travel around the city by public transportation and stay in inexpensive hotels with three stars.

Employees are required to use writing paper on both sides. All the furniture in his house from IKEA, with the exception of your favorite chair, which is more than 30 years.


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