Hispanic at the behest of God 18 years digging a tunnel in the forest


Латиноамериканец по велению бога 18 лет рыл туннель в лесу

A resident of Salvador Sanchez Santiago (Santiago Sanchez) 18 years digging a tunnel in the ground in the middle of the jungle. According to him, he does it at the direction the voice over. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Sanchez, a Salvadoran living in Berlin, says that he heard the voice of God who ordered him to dig. 69-year-old man stressed that he intends to devote himself to this work, taking breaks only for sleep.

A voice from above, he said, ordered him every day removed from the earth at 90 pounds (40 kilograms) of soil and stones. According to him, every day he wakes up at three in the morning and goes to the tunnel, but does not know where it will lead and what is needed. Sanchez also is not known when it will be time to stop working.

One of those who tried to enter the tunnel, said that he was able to pass only half the distance and couldn’t continue, as it began to choke. Sanchez replied that it is not surprising, since to get to the end permitted only to him.

According to the wife of digger, Isabel Ventura, many believe her husband was crazy. However, he doesn’t care. “Nobody knows what God will require from you,” he says.

Selva — humid Equatorial forest in South America, one of the rain forests. Located in the Equatorial and subequatorial belts.


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