His proposal peacekeepers Putin only traded with the West on its own terms


Своим предложением с миротворцами Путин лишь торгуется с Западом на своих условияхThe proposal of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass is an attempt to bargain with the West softening active and the non-use of new sanctions. Trying to freeze the conflict, the Kremlin wants to maintain its power in the occupied territories Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Ukraine should adopt a law on the recognition of the occupied territories, calling Russia the aggressor, because now the US position towards Russia tighter than official Kiev, which even does not break relations with Moscow. In an interview with “Apostrophe” said Russian journalist and political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky.

– Last Monday, Vladimir Putin said that the need to introduce peacekeepers to the Donbass. After a few days the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said it must be the protection of the OSCE mission (most recently, the President of the Russian Federation made a statement saying that the peacekeepers can be on all the occupied Donbass, which has a mission of the OSCE, not only on the demarcation line). Why do you think such confusion in the Kremlin?

– They change the wording, but the essence is the same. They want to see the peacekeepers only on the line of separation of the parties. I would note two points in this tactical move of Moscow, which are involuntary. After a straightforward annexation of the Kremlin is the creation of “new Russia”, trying to get to Kiev, the control of the whole country – failed, their tactics have changed. Now they are trying to put that Lugandoniyu like a cancer in the political body of Ukraine to legalize all these thugs, make them government officials, members of Parliament. And so, thus, to block the European vector of Ukraine’s development, to destroy it from the inside.

One time to this process foolishly joined, and the Western powers. Remember, the representatives of Germany and France arrived in Kiev and demanded to change the Constitution? But we must pay tribute to the Ukrainian leadership and society, they unravel the plans of the Kremlin and decisively, categorically refused to change the Constitution at the behest of Putin. Well, when the Kremlin saw that this will not work, they embarked on the path of conservation of the conflict, the de facto annexation of the occupied territories in the Donbas. This is the introduction of the ruble, change of ownership, the recognition of “documents” (the so-called DPR and LPR).

The adoption of this line of separation and the location there of peacekeepers is a tactical move of the Kremlin, aimed at freezing the conflict and preservation in the conquered regions the Moscow authorities. This is the first time.

The second point – as I said, the us Congress presented an ultimatum to Russia – 180 days to leave the Donbass at least. With the Crimea for some time you can close your eyes, but officially no one will ever recognize the annexation of Crimea. However Moscow hopes for it, because unofficially promised the removal of the most severe sanctions (if the Russians will leave the Donbass).

Now, it is starting to bargain – to leave the Donbass completely they don’t want, but how could it be a step towards Poroshenko, towards the West. Peacekeepers – but on our terms. There is a certain cunning. What are the advantages of this plan – if indeed the cease-fire, and it is entirely dependent on Moscow because of shootings all the time are initiated from the other side, then stop killing people. It’s such a peaceful step. And the implication of this plan is the annexation of the territories, the rejection of such items Minsk agreement, the withdrawal of Russian troops or the transfer of the border control of Ukraine.

I think a good and correct answer from the Ukrainian side will be the bill on the recognition of these territories is occupied. Yes, the Ukrainian army can not force to liberate the territory, as it will be a terrible bloodshed. Ukrainian army is strong enough to prevent further aggression, but she can not cope with the second strongest army in the world. While Ukraine never from these territories will not refuse, considering them to be occupied.

Of course, you must agree to any ceasefire, but not on the initiative of Putin, which involves political conflict, the recognition of these republics, negotiations with them. Here with Moscow to negotiate a cease-fire on the line of separation of the parties, on the line occupied by Moscow territory.

– But what Moscow is, in fact, the legalization of terrorists.

The response should be the adoption of the law on occupied territories in which you want to call Russia the aggressor. Moreover, it makes [the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt] Walker, calling a spade a spade: that’s the aggression that it is the occupation of Ukrainian territory. The position of the Ukrainian authorities must be at least the same as the position of the Walker. And then you can through intermediaries to negotiate with the aggressor on the cease-fire.

The problem is not solve what to do in this case?

– The Russians will leave the Donbass as a result of serious economic pressure from the West, serious personal sanctions. In the end, they’re given an ultimatum, and if they do not fulfill the conditions of the U.S. Congress, all the billions of Russian leaders will be arrested. So they want to get rid of the easing of sanctions is their answer to the ultimatum. They say, Donbass we are not leaving, but we offer such a peaceful thing and go towards you. This whole hypocritical game of the Kremlin.

– Statements by Lavrov and Peskov about the peacekeepers is just blurry eyes?

– The essence is – we are ready to cease fire, but to portray it as a step forward, and so remove from us sanctions. And in fact the Kremlin wants to legalize the annexation of another piece of territory of Ukraine.

– Putin said that if Ukraine will receive lethal weapons from the USA, the possible new conflicts, as so-called “militias” Donbass too many weapons. Do you think that what scares the head of the Kremlin?

It’s much more ominous, than it was understood in Ukraine. Other areas of military conflicts is a threat to Americans. Here you supply weapons to Ukraine, and I’m going to put the Taliban in support of Venezuela, to help nuclear and missile programs, Kim Jong-UN. That’s the point. He threatens Americans – typical blackmail of the Kremlin.

– What else to expect from Putin in Ukraine?

– Shit he always will be. Will occasionally be some explosions, saboteurs, terrorists. But this freezing of the Donbas he traded with the West. He says: “I will not go on expanding for Mariupol, Kiev – but the area I want to freeze”.

– What, then, is Ukraine to put pressure on the Kremlin?

– First of all, there must be a principled political position expressed in the law, which is now in Parliament. All pretty weird things happen – there is a war, seize your territory. However, going through economic ties, visa-free exchange with Russia, the enemy propaganda. According to the same Russian TV channels goes wild hate propaganda against Ukraine and correspondents that make this propaganda, calmly walking around Kiev. If Kiev wants the West to put sanctions should be no less stringent sanctions of Ukraine against the Kremlin, to Putin. The American Congress passed a remarkable law, that same position is Volcker and today it is tougher than the official position of the Ukrainian leadership. I understand what difficult position was the Ukrainian leadership when he was pressed by the Hollande and Merkel, demanding to change the Constitution, but it survived. Now the West better understand the game Putin. There is already this pressure on Kiev.

There are two important things – a principled position that Russia is the aggressor, Russia is waging war, Russia occupied the territory. This is the first. The second point is that Ukraine by force can not return the territory. This is a war, the deaths of tens of thousands of people. But Ukraine will never accept. Site will be back when in Russia will change the mode. Sooner or later.

– Whether Russia to undermine Ukraine from within, arranging provocations?

– Of course, attempts at provocation will be all the time – they always do something. This is nothing new – it’s part of the hybrid war waged by Russia.

And how you clear the enemies inside. I can’t understand why the worst enemy of Ukraine, agent Putin Medvedchuk, have you considered a statesman, involved in the negotiations and so on. There are a lot of questions. For me, it will be clear that Ukraine is realized with whom he was dealing, that she is in a state of war, in the day when Medvedchuk will be arrested.


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