Heute: Russian mom poured with children in the cold and not even flinch


Heute: русские мамы обливаются с детьми на морозе — и даже не вздрагивают

The Russians leave the house in a bikini with naked babies in their arms and poured ice water for quenching. So children from birth prepared for the local harsh winters with their extremely low temperature, writes the Austrian newspaper Heute.

Babies without any clothes on in the middle of winter and mom in a bikini? So children are prepared for the harsh winters, writes the Austrian newspaper Heute.

As the newspaper underlines, Russia is famous for its cold winters, and living in it from birth, taught to extremely low temperatures.

From this action may resemble the Ice Bucket Challenge (challenge bucket of ice water — Inotv), but in Russian version this is not a competition that’s supposed to share on social networks. Here it is just part of the program of the school, that Russian mothers are practicing on themselves and their kids, says the publication.

In Russia, mother winter out of the house in a bikini, tightly holding the hands of their naked babies, describes what is happening Heute. Slightly moving away from home, women kneel in the snow, and girlfriends sprinkled them on top, along with infants ice water from a bucket.

The Russians did not even flinch. They even smile, surprised the author. Their babies too, kept safely, as you can see in one of the leaked video recording of the hardening process, immediately triggering a wave of lively discussions around the world.



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