Here you can drink and die


Здесь можно выпить и умереть

Anyone who has been in St. Petersburg, knows that in our city there are the Hermitage, Peter and Paul fortress, the Marin theater, Mikhail Boyarsky, but on the opposite from this side is the hot and wild Duma street.

Its name has become a household word, but what it means – each, alas, he decides.

In fact, the usual place in the heart of the Northern capital, is located next to Gostiny Dvor. Opposite the street of Russia, the beautiful Griboedov canal and my favorite is the Kazan Cathedral.

On the other hand “Duma” – a lot of bars with cheap alcohol and that there is daily poisoned students and secondary school graduates is an infinite number of drunken rednecks, it’s a fight and theft. Come to the Duma and to go away from there with no money and phone is a common thing, so many people try to visit it, not having the pockets of any valuables except for a certain amount of money.

Hard to believe, but this year the format in which it exists, was 15 years old. Very much alive and die, in my opinion, not even planning.

According to some estimates, the number of questionable establishments here has exceeded 40, like Gostiny Dvor and really able to stretch like a rubber chicken.
The quality remains unchanged. I have the feeling that time stood still here forever. The only thing that changes is the types of thepresence. In the last two years the most popular substance steel balls with laughing gas, which is sold everywhere here, even from the trunk of the car.

Interest in the Duma personally, I’ve never been to before. Been you? Well, of course. And who was not? Especially in student time, however, none of the cereal bars were never. There, as a rule, people still hang out not in the rooms and on the street. If the court’s five in the morning, and you and your friends pass by the Duma after nebuad coolest hangouts, don’t eat a kebab from Jamal or not to sing a couple of songs at the karaoke bar “Poison” — a real failure.

By the way, that “Poison” still holds the mark. There is all the fun without any balls, and I think, even without alcohol. Come here to sing and not to give up, and performers are often the real unknown star. Never forget tightly softwaremanage guy, standing in a well buttoned white shirt and shorts, singing “Sweet Home Alabama” group Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was early summer morning, the people gradually have already went home, and he sang like a God and forever fixed in the memory.

I pass by the “Blue oyster” — only in Peter gay club. The chick there allowed with great reluctance. On the bar there is no sign of the room behind an iron door, but find it easy, because trips outside for “smoke” has not been canceled. I see a crowd of Smoking hot guys in t-shirts? Well, all so safely.

By day, the street looks quite ordinary, walking, light, perfectly decent, but after 22 turns into hell.
In my opinion, no sane person for a long time even did not think to appoint someone meeting in the Duma, and boldly rushing into some of the local “dance floor” to enjoy the taste of “Lemon pie” and the most beautiful tracks in the world Kirill Ivanov (lead singer of SBPCH).

Not so long ago the street was made a pedestrian on weekends and public holidays, thus, I think, giving a bag of Goodies to her strange status.

On 12 June, the police staged another RAID of the Duma, which was composed of 15 administrative reports for various violations, and dapsy fined more than 20 drivers. No one was arrested, however, stoned went to the respective companies.

In four large bars, the staff found no license for the sale of alcohol, others have found, but complete with alcohol with fake excise stamps.
What was in these bottles? Where they buy a fucking substitute? Why poison their visitors?

On the revealed violations, the CPS intends to address in court with claims to the tenants and owners of the establishments. The main goal is the closure of bars.

As for me, for a long time this shop worth it to roll forever, and with it the Apraksin yard;. To rent space for coworking, or any more cool stuff, and not to make a monkey circus in the very heart of the city.



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