Here in the Internet reported that Russia in the past at a heightened pace to return wish


In Moscow, as is evident from the information presented in the Russian Internet, Messrs Putin, Medvedev, and Sobyanin and others like them, similar figures-fragments of socialism-Chekism-communism started the installation of the busts of V. I. Ulyanov and Dzhugashvili I. V., at a meeting <<of mezhsoboychik>> the Russians about it without asking. They are apparently thinking hard head came to the conclusion that it is time to pay great honors to these “comrades”.For their merit, comparable, perhaps, with the work”Stakhanovite methods” masters crossbody cases, poisoners, murderers and bloodsuckers <vampire revolution>.To said Yulia Latynina, a journalist and the correspondent of “Echo of Moscow” on this occasion, the one which is embossed, the repressive harassment, constant threats and violent acts-“unknown persons” outside his homeland. Bravo is the successor of Lenin, Stalin coped easily with the woman carrying the truth to the masses, not afraid of anything. But the example of Boris Nemtsov, and how he had been treated, told her the best option is to leave this land where democracy and freedom of expression offence. Probably Yulia Latynina would agree with my similar opinion. Her , as it is clear to me that the installation in the long-suffering, impoverished Russia busts of the executioners of the Russian people, ghouls, repressive bastards and bloodsuckers it is not rewarding and noble properties. A road to nowhere, reversing the way back, through the dark past of our country. In the direction of the impasse Lenin, Stalin!


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