Hemp, onion soup and mountain the elder


Конопля, луковый суп и горный старец

But tell me friends, why in the Russian language Internet all the natives without exception regard themselves as great scholars of medicine and boldly, had no qualms handing out left-to-right all sorts of medical advice. The enchanting tips of stupidity and ignorance.

No, I am not a supporter of the silly theory that “medicine have the right to talk only to the doctors.”

The stupidity of it. Especially when you consider that in Russia more than half of the so-called “doctors” have no relation to medicine, and many chronic patients are guided in their diseases far better than “General practitioners”.

So the medicine has every right to speculate. And medical advice can give and not a doctor. But my friends, before giving such advice, you should at least in General terms to understand how the human body works and learn to differentiate the biliary system from the pool and not to confuse the “Krebs cycle” with “General Krebs” from the movie “the Bunker”.

And that’s just here, right in front of me in the comments to the post one sick in the head appointed another sick stomach, “the good old remedy for diarrhea” — chloramphenicol.

And it is because my friends and “old” that modern medicine has abandoned him, left him only for local use, because the toxicity of this chloramphenicol is such that one pill is able to completely shut off the blood of the human body, and mortality from this levomicetina when applying “inside” is higher than from swine flu — it comes out somewhere one corpse only a few thousand swallowed.

It now no doctor will prescribe even touch the patient alive, not that over the Internet.

Or here’s advice “folk medicine.”

“Weed is harmless, weed is harmless, it is the very nature of nature.”

And opium — this is weed? And hemp — weed? And belladona — the same pot. And Datura. And Cicuta — also a grass, is known for the fact that it radically treated of Socrates. Pale toadstool really no grass, but quintessence nature.

My brothers, the science of the human genome is already decoded, if you do not know. All biochemical processes in the body are studied at the molecular level. She will tell you a secret, knows exactly what will happen in your body with every molecule of swallowed you: what chemical changes will occur and in which bodies, as it passes through your body, and what to do with him.

And because science has long replaced your weed on drugs, hitting right on target. To do the same thing and grass, but much better, and most importantly — much more predictable and safer.

No, I’m not against herbs, in principle. It is often cheaper than pills, tastes better, and also without a prescription. Vyryvaet and sometimes worse! Won Federal drug control service recently banned in Russia modafinil, so we will replace it with lemongrass or ginseng. This is normal.

But when someone advises not to take pills prescribed by a doctor, and drink instead, “grass”, because “pills are bad” and “grass is useful, it is a natural remedy”, I have a strong temptation to treat such advice with a decoction of herbs-Hemlock.

Recently one of my friend happened a sad story, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. This unfortunately, happens all the time. And then people go for support to friends in Facebook, share in sorrow, and run up a huge crowd came running experts who know exactly how to heal cancer and in a hurry to dump on others, it is their secret knowledge.

It turns out that the cancer is treated very easily. We just have to starve. Go rather to eat some of that peach pit. Or onion soup. This is the best remedy against cancer and, moreover, the world zakuson. But still, I almost forgot — drinking soda the first cure for cancer, because the doctors conceal the fact that cancer is not cancer but a fungal infection. Or should we just “go to the mountains of Ossetia”, where the elder lives, how you look, any cancer is. And one American discovered that the cancer is treated with oxide of Bismuth. 50 mg every day and no cancer will not stand!

And now imagine what it’s like to listen to the person and so unhappy!

And now I’ll tell you what.

If this mountain the old man really would have healed at least one terminally ill, then the next to this the mountains would have formed a queue that stretches beyond the horizon, and that the elder would not be required to advertise in heisuke — all world Newspapers about it wrote.

If this is your bismuth at least someone would be helped, within a week all of these bismuth mountains would have gnawed at the root.

If onion soup would have been treated better than monoclonal antibodies, then no one would buy them for big money, everyone would have treated onion soup.

The world of cancer patients specific. People sometimes cling at any straw. In this world nothing can be hidden. And if you all the stuff that you suggest, at least someone, even when that would really help, then after half an hour would have been aware of the whole world and this would be screaming at all angles.

All! Done.

Sorry for the emotional outburst. But it’s all I really got!



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