Hell in California to fight the fire and threw 700 firefighters


Пекло в Калифорнии: на борьбу с огнем бросили 700 пожарныхThe fires destroyed more than 1 thousand buildings

In the US, 10 States had provided more than 700 workers in the fire services to fight fires in southern California.

“More than 700 firefighters from 10 States are on the front lines fighting fires in southern California. We are grateful for providing us with additional resources”, – stated in the message of management of protection forest land and fire protection, California.

Management also informed about the decision of the Sheriff County of Santa Barbara to cancel the order about evacuation of inhabitants of settlements shepherd Mesa and Gobernador canyon.

The order is replaced by a warning about the danger of fires. Note that the six largest wildfires in California have destroyed more than 1 thousand buildings and threaten to fire another 25 thousand.

The area of the disaster reaches 585,3 sq km, number of inhabitants, which is not allowed to return to their homes due to natural disasters, is 90 thousand people.


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