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Women who choose male-dominated profession, in an unusual photo project. Photo

They destroy the stereotypes. There are some professions that are traditionally considered unfeminine. But nowadays girls have become more powerful, in that they like to work in male professions.

Tesla working on all-wheel drive twin-engine Model 3

Musk spoke about the "stunning" twin-engined TeslaTesla working on all-wheel-drive Model 3 with two engines, said company founder Elon Musk in his Twitter.According to him, the feel of the ride on this car is stunning. All-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 will accelerate to 96...

Olga Freimut surprised by way of the yoke

Star became a redhead. Popular TV presenter Olga Freimut went to the County. At this step it prompted the shooting in the project "Olga".New show the audience will see in the fall. TV star Olga freymut became the leading project of well-known American...