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Kylie Jenner showed the figure in a revealing leotard |

21.10.201921.10.20190 The star shared risqué pictures.Well-known American reality star Kylie Jenner, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, now went on holiday with a friend, instudio iris Palmer.

Zlata ognevich appeared in underwear |

21.10.201921.10.20190 The actress has puzzled fans candid photos.Singer Zlata ognevich, who told how she was bullied in school, have puzzled fans of the bold pictures in Instagram.

Hurt Jared Leto tried to disrupt the shooting of “Joker” |

21.10.201921.10.20190 Artist outraged by the fact that the role of the supervillain went not to him.Actor and musician Jared Leto, which in the blockbuster "suicide Squad" played the supervillain the Joker, was offended by Warner Bros.