“He could shoot at all, but did not”


«Он мог стрелять по всем, но этого не сделал»

On the morning of 14 November, 19-year-old student Daniel Zasorin went to classes at the College of Blagoveshchensk (Amur region), taking with him a shotgun IZH-81. Once in the building, a young man opened fire, killing one student and seriously wounding three more. Then Zasorin staged a gunfight with the police, and then killed himself. “Ribbon.ru” has talked with those who were in College at the time of the tragedy, and found out what could be causing it.

“I want to live?”

With Daniel we were in the same group. Today I came to the second pair, and sat down at the back Desk — it was about ten o’clock. When the bell rang, I was sitting in social networks and did not notice what is happening around. Missed as Daniel kicked the teacher and a few people apparently didn’t want them to get hurt. I just heard the shots.

In the office started to panic, everyone began to scatter in all directions. My friend hid behind the wardrobe, another man closed in. Daniel walked along the corridor with a shotgun and saw us — at a friend’s feet peeking out of the closet. He approached him and asked him: “want to Live?” He said, “Yeah, what are you doing?”. And begged me to let him go, and Daniel was released.

Then he asked the same question to me. He stood in front of me, Smoking, his phone played music. He was calm, and I also tried to talk to him calmly. He threw the cigarette away. “I want to live?” — asked Daniel. “Yes.” “Then come into the office.” I walked into the office, saw lying on the floor guys, Lyosha and Vlad, at that moment I could do nothing to help them. The office had two exits, and I ran out the other.

By the time our teacher had already called 112, and one of Vlad released the boys ran to the police, who always stood near the College, the police came in literally three minutes. I was in a nearby building and saw what was happening.

«Он мог стрелять по всем, но этого не сделал»

Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation / TASS

With Daniel we were in the same group for almost four years, but I know nothing about him — what he like, what kind of person was. I even have a hard time remembering his name. He was always quiet, calm, never showed aggression and never fought — at least, loud. He was in the group only one friend, also a discreet man. At the time of the shooting he was on the street and didn’t see anything. Then went to the investigator.

Classmates said Daniel in the office was aiming at specific people — supposedly one of them first said something to him and he said, “are You immortal?” And fired. Then in the other.

I know one of them it could be a conflict — he was rude, aggressive, can yell at others while the couples were arguing with the guys, got someone. The other was we like elders, could scolding, but always to the point. But I haven’t seen one of them mocked Daniel. Maybe because you didn’t pay attention to him — well, he studied with me and studied. I just thought that in the time of the shooting Daniel looked completely adequate. If he did it intentionally for a specific purpose. He could shoot at us all until we ran out of class, but he didn’t.

«Он мог стрелять по всем, но этого не сделал»

Law enforcement officers at the building of the College in Blagoveshchensk

Photo: Eduard Glock / RIA Novosti

“He was armed. Anyone would be scared”

— It was a typical morning at College, we sat on a couple and heard the sounds of gunfire at the bottom — I was on the third floor, and it all happened on the ground, in another room, the student says Ahlbeck. — At first I thought, maybe it’s just the bombs, did not believe. But after about half an hour saw in the window as the building the police arrived, many machines 30, and speedy too five cars.

The police began to surround the College, went inside. Then we already knew what happened in the groups in social networks one after another began to appear photos and video shooting. We sat in the office for five hours, we were not allowed to go out, brought food there. The building was occupied by police, SWAT, investigators. Just after lunch we were able to go home at the same time learn from other event details.


In College everyone knew that the gunman Daniel hurt in the group, humiliated, cussed out, shoved, pushed. And not only in the group, but in General. It is also said that a few days before the incident, someone was beaten, and he was unable to stand up for themselves. It was all so small, thin. Interceded for him only a teacher asked the boys not to touch it at least in the classroom, because it was there.

«Он мог стрелять по всем, но этого не сделал»

Daniel Zasorin learns to shoot her new gun IZH-81

Frame: Telegram-channel “BAZA”

Now about him saying he was strange, quiet, kept to himself. I was not intimately acquainted with him, once sat together on a couple of our groups were together. So it was for the first batch — always sat there, quiet, to no turned. And with it nobody spoke, because if you’re going to chat, then you will be hurt, it’s all understood.

Me what happened and then said: the group Daniel was sitting on a pair, he came approached the guy, who insulted him, and asked him if he wanted to live. The guy said, “what the ***** [crazy]?” and pushed him away, you can say, hit. And Daniel asked permission to leave and went to the bathroom. There he pulled out of his briefcase a shotgun and started to charge it. This time the toilet came five people — to chat, to smoke, that’s fine. And here they came, and he pulled the weapon on them and said, “Go ***** [here]!”

They then I do about this he said — he said. They got scared and ran away, although outwardly healthy, it twice and easily could have it right there to lay, but he was armed. Anyone would be scared. They just came to class and threw the door part.

And Daniel returned to his room, grabbed the teacher’s hand — she’s very young, by the way, just this year came to work, and out on the street. And then started shooting. He didn’t attack everyone, the girls did not touch. Fired only those who offend him. Some can say, lucky they didn’t come stayed home.

«Он мог стрелять по всем, но этого не сделал»

Photo: Amur.info

Then came the police ordered him to leave, he began to shoot into the air — and one of the police officers shot him with the service weapon. Then Daniel returned to his office and shot himself in the head.

I was friends with Alex — the guy he killed, and I am sure that the deceased was not the one who hurt Daniel. Maybe accidentally once touched — but he sure he was not poisoned and not beaten. Alex was a good guy, serious, he finished the study in the following year, worked somewhere in the guard, lived with a girl who was going to marry her. He was all right, and he just didn’t need over someone to mock. I don’t know what he suffered.

He was taken to the hospital still alive, but then friends of Alex texted me that he died. On the status of the other wounded I do not know — just heard that one Daniel got in the back, and he, too, is now in serious condition. In the media there is a version that Daniel took revenge on the guys for allegedly raped in a hostel girl, but it’s not true. No one was raped in the Dorm, and the girls-that he was not. I now sit and think that everything that happened was just a delusion.


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