Hayden Panettiere beat ex-boyfriend: the court was cleared of all charges


Native American actress Hayden Panettiere are extremely disappointed that the case of domestic violence against her boyfriend Brian Hickerson closed.

As the newspaper writes Radar Online, the decision was made at the court hearing in Los Angeles because the prosecution was unable to find witnesses, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

This means that Hayden refused to testify against her beaten Brian. The prosecutors just couldn’t connect with the star of the television series “Nashville”.

The Hayden family still hopes that someday Hickerson held accountable for their actions. Maybe it will be reopened if Panettiere still wish to get in touch with representatives of the Prosecutor’s office. Family actress frustrated with the American legal system. “With all the evidence available to the police — is not this enough even in the absence of Hayden… They closed the case not because of good behavior Brian. It didn’t change who he is and what he did. He is a criminal,” said one of the relatives of the actress.

Meanwhile, a source reports that Brian and Hayden had agreed among themselves and planned it that Hickerson could avoid problems.

In may it was reported that in the house where lived at the time ex-fiancee of Vladimir Clicquot and Hickerson, the police were called after Brian in during quarrel struck Hayden bodily injury. On may 23, the judge issued a warrant prohibiting Hickerson to get closer to his girlfriend and engage her in any kind of contact. However, the pair violated this requirement.

An insider says that despite the ban, Brian and Hayden are still together, though I try not to appear in public together. Now, since the case closed, the ban is officially lifted.


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