“Hawthorn” is not restricted to two bottles


"Боярышник" не ограничили двумя флаконами

The order of Ministry of health on the norms of holiday alcohol-containing medicines came into force

Medicines containing alcohol, will be sold without any restrictions in quantity. This follows from the order of the Ministry of health, which registered the Ministry of justice. Earlier, the draft document was provided for the rule permitting the sale of liquors in two bottles in one hand, but in the final version it was not included. Experts attribute the rejection of the restrictions that medication containing alcohol and so is not popular with the population: sales last year fell by 12%.

The Ministry of justice had not approved the rule of the Ministry of health on the limitation of pharmacy medicines that contain alcohol. This follows from the final version of the document, which entered into force on 22 September.

The ministries did not provide “news” timely comments on the reasons for the rejection of the originally proposed rules, the Ministry of health was not informed about his future plans in this matter.

Director of the National Institute of health law Julia Pavlova noted that all departmental regulations before entering into force, are registered in Ministry of justice.

— The experts verify all document lines, check the legal provisions and their compliance with Russian law. If the document is returned and not recorded, so either he acts contrary to higher, or was made in violation of legal rules, ‘ explained the lawyer.

The Director of the Institute of public health, Yuri Krestinsky noted negative dynamics of sales of liquors.

Even if there are no restrictions on holiday pharmacy alcohol-containing medications will not be all the same, they will not buy more than it is now. Every year for the past five years, the demand for them falls. They are almost not used for other purposes, — said the expert.

According to the analytical Agency DSM Group, the average price medications containing alcohol, in the first half of this year increased by 25% compared to the same period of 2016. The proceeds from their sale increased by only 10%. This is due to the falling demand for such products: number of packages purchased decreased by 12%. The average price of a bottle by early July 2017 rose to 25 rubles by the end of II quarter of last year, it accounted for 19.5 per ruble. The most expensive motherwort — 44.6%.

The General Director of one of the networks clinics Mr gurdas believes that the Ministry of health has chosen the course to curb the use of alcohol-containing medicines for other purposes. Therefore, no regulations on limiting the Agency will handle the “pharmacy alcoholism”.

After such attention to this problem even without the documented rules will be in effect psychological limitations. Even the pharmacies have adjusted to the stated rules. In addition, there were other restrictive measures. In any case, the problem will be completely solved, — the expert believes.

In March, after a mass poisoning of people in Irkutsk, a bath concentrate “Hawthorn” Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin instructed to study methods of population protection from the use of surrogates. The Ministry of health has proposed two initiatives: to limit the amount of containers of liquors and the prohibition to sell to one customer more than two vials of alcohol specimens. The order of the first norm of the Ministry of justice has registered in the spring.




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