Hawaii male in your own backyard fell into a lava tunnel


In Hawaii local resident was killed by falling in the lava tunnel. The tragedy occurred in his own garden.

In Hawaii local resident died after falling into the lava tunnel. The tragedy occurred in his own garden.

According to police, 71-year-old man fell into a tunnel “through the soft ground” and fell off the 7-meter height.

Dead man found Monday after-treatment of his comrades to the police.

Police found the 60-centimeter hole through which, as suggested by the police, he fell into the tunnel.

Man were got by rescuers who had to descend into the hole.

Lava tunnels (or lava tube) — voids formed by lava during volcanic eruptions.

They occur when lava hardens on the surface and within the stream continues to flow and hardens later — between the two levels creates a tunnel.

Unlike caves, are formed over hundreds and thousands of years, lava tubes occur a few days or months, say geologists.

In Hawaii, which are volcanic Islands, lava during movement to the ocean left behind a whole maze of tunnels, the length of which may exceed 60 km.

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The tunnel, which fell dead, arose under his garden, most likely, many years ago, but the man did not know of the danger.


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