Have to sit a long time


Сидеть придется долго

What is, however, a funny reaction in our society to the report of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office on the Malaysian “Boeing”. One gets the impression that all the so-called “official”, and “ordinary citizens” — all from the last effort to rid myself of the awareness of what happened.

The defense Ministry issued a rebuttal of the conclusions of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office on the downed Boeing” — read an official statement. Well, the blogs and all the Orgy: completely “ironic” comments, “what are these Dutchmen, henbane overeat?”, sarcastic “ha ha ha”, panic, “no, nobody said anything, it’s all liberas idea!” and solid comments from “seasoned” — “all this is nonsense, again, some Russophobia, fakes and rumors”.

It seems as if sitting in the dock right during the speech of the Prosecutor began to make faces, yell “P-assalti!” and loudly snort with the words “Such nonsense I have never heard” and “Oh you, I’ll go.” Whatever pantomime nor played the defendant, all around it would be clear that, first, from the cage he’s not going anywhere, and second that his reaction does not depend on anything — it only matters what impression it will make on the jury.

But jurors at our Russian Toptygina things are traditionally Fig — that is, just like in the Russian “court”, where the speech of the Prosecutor is 99% determines the sentence. Who is the jury? Yes, indeed, the whole world. He will accept the findings of the report? Yes, as always in similar cases, is it not clear?

In other words, a Dutch forensic team with trudnoudalimymi names was read out-“another Russophobic fabrications, forks on the water written,” and the actual SENTENCE. The sooner this simple truth comes to our “fighters for the truth”, so we all will be better. It is always better to accept the reality, however bitter it may be, than cling to their castles in the air, giving others the impression that you have grief finally went to the roof.

Fault lies with that there thinks about the Russian defense Ministry, no one, in principle, do not care. With that we need to live. The script is in fact already known, held more than once. So it was with “doping in sport” (and all did astonished eyes and proceeded sarcasm), and “Beginner” (also tried everything from denying that it even exists) — so what? As Mutko, has helped you your brilliant knowledge of English? No, didn’t help.

Of course, it will not help now. The train had already left, but “society” with “government” still torn on the platform. Sidite, Sirs, in the legs there is no truth. Have to sit a long time.


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