“Harvey” is gone: the 60 fatalities and billions of dollars in damage


"Харви" ушёл: 60 погибших и многомиллиардный ущерб

While Texas is recovering from the effects of the hurricane were targeted in Florida.

Hurricane “Harvey”, which caused widespread destruction in the us state of Texas, away from the coast. He raged in the Houston area for more than ten days.

The number of victims of the disaster amounted to 60 people. It is possible that in the course of the rubble and damaged in the floods of cars, this number will increase. Their homes have left more than one million inhabitants.

Element damaged 13 sites with toxic materials. The largest was the Arkema chemical plant where the fire occurred. About the inevitable fire became known during the day – the population from the vicinity of the plant were evacuated. As a result of incident nobody has suffered, environmental impact too early to say.

The total damage has not yet been calculated, we are talking about tens of billions of dollars. The US President Donald trump has already asked Congress to 7.85 billion dollars in initial funding in Texas.

Experts expect state residents will soon face many diseases. The fact that the territory of Texas because of standing water and the high temperature developed a climate favourable for mosquitoes, mold and bacteria.

Hurricane “Harvey” may be the worst flooding in U.S. history. Compare it with “Katrina”, which in 2005 caused enormous damage to Louisiana.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, September 5, the state of emergency declared in Florida, Puerto Rico and the virgin Islands due to the approaching hurricane “Irma”. He was awarded the fourth category out of five.


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