Harmless alcoholic beverages for those who are on a diet


Безвредные алкогольные напитки для тех, кто на диетеNew year’s eve stop the choice on them.

The Christmas holidays can not do without alcohol. Cheerful feast has to drink spirits. But sometimes in the festive euphoria is difficult to control the amount of alcohol consumed and not to try different alcoholic drinks. Not surprisingly, the morning after the party many people feel bad: headache and dizzy, thirsty, shaking hands… All signs of a hangover.

The morning after the holiday was good and cheerful, do not have to give up drinking alcohol at the table. Just need to properly combine New year’s and alcohol. The most harmless drinks can lead to a severe hangover, if you do not know the measures. At the same time, strong alcohol during a feast does not harm health, if you drink it in reasonable quantity and a good snack. What to drink in the New year and how to drink at the holiday table to feel worse?

Looking for a compromise

Most doctors agree that alcohol is harmless does not exist. In large quantities it will harm health. But since the composition of different alcoholic beverages differ, each of them acts on the body differently.

Many people at the Banquet table drinking only vodka. This drink was relatively harmless, the arrival rate should not be higher than approximately 50 ml per hour. The longer the breaks between the toasts, the easier your body deal with alcohol (in the presence of good snacks).

A traditional Christmas drink in our country is champagne. It is produced from grapes by fermentation. This beautiful, tasty and, at first glance, a light alcoholic drink can play a cruel joke on those who do not know the measures. Sparkling bubbles in the glass is carbon dioxide. It stimulates the process of absorption of alcohol, and once in the intestine, promotes the putrefaction of food debris and toxins. In order not to harm yourself, women can drink 1-2 glass of champagne during the festive evening, and the man up to 3-4 glasses. Of course, not mixing them with other beverages.

The most harmless of alcohol is considered alcohol produced from grapes. It includes the types of wine and brandy, produced from this raw material (cognac, chacha, Grappa).


Thanks to its low alcohol content and high content of flavonoids (antioxidants) wine is considered one of the most harmless drinks. In the New year he will be a good choice for your Desk.

Small amounts of wine helps improve the tone of blood vessels, reduce cholesterol levels, resorption of blood clots, the breakdown of fatty tissue. The most useful dry red wine. They contain more flavonoids than white, and not so much sugar, as in sweet and semi-sweet beverages.


Cognac is one of the most common types of brandy. For its production uses the juice of white grapes. In addition to flavonoids, this drink contains tannins that have antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory properties.

However, tannins slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood, so this drink is easy to “be” unwittingly. Moreover, impurities contained in the brandy, complicate the work of the liver.

Cognac is drunk in small SIPS, enjoying its taste and smell. Unlike vodka, it doesn’t need to eat. But if you want something to eat, use a piece of chocolate, cheese, Apple, nuts. So this drink won’t harm your health, the dose of the drink should be 30-40% less when converted to dose vodka. In other words, 100 g of brandy for a festive feast will be enough.

How to drink

Each drink has its own rules of “healthy” consumption. Whatever drink for holiday feast you choose, remember that:

Do not start drinking on an empty stomach. It is advisable to eat something fatty (e.g. piece of meat), before you start celebrating with alcohol.
You can’t mix different alcoholic drinks. If you want to start the night off with one drink, and continue others, then, firstly, it should be drinks on the basis of the same raw materials (grain, vodka, whiskey, beer; from grapes – wine, brandy). Secondly, it is impossible to lower the degree. And remember about the doses.
Need to snack. Hot and nutritious snack slows the absorption of alcohol in the stomach wall.
It is not necessary to drink alcohol, especially soda water.
Need to know the measure.

Who can’t drink

Even the smallest dose of any alcohol can worsen the condition of people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, Central nervous system. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to drink for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

If you are taking any medications, consult your doctor and you read the instructions on how they are combined with alcohol.


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