Happy old age — only on TV


Счастливая старость — только в телевизоре

To provide advocacy support to increase the retirement age, the authors of the news programs and talk shows have to show imagination.

Government propaganda with the grace of an elephant in a China shop invent more creative feints, aimed at reducing the degree of discontent in connection with “pension reform.” The plan developed for informational and journalistic media, perfectly meets the rules of demagoguery.
Show completely… But the majority of viewers already clearly beginning to get tired — especially when the benefits of a long active life broadcast people with sky-high by the standards of most of the inhabitants of Russia, proceeds.

Therefore, political and news shows often choose the tactics of silence, at least on the real situation. In particular, they preferred “not to notice” protests against raising the retirement age, which on 1 July took place in many cities.

But a new “urban legend”, according to which ages us it is the presence of pensions, not the poor living conditions of the TV broadcast with pleasure.

For example, the program “Sunday Time” on channel no regret for the sick (no exaggeration) of threads a few minutes to come to a strange conclusion: a large number of working pensioners said about the irrelevance of pensions and not about the fact that it lacks a living. The question is, where are usually employed these pensioners and how much they receive, the expected left-overs.

In the show Dmitry Kiselev on the TV channel “Russia” also with pleasure would speak only about football, Putin’s meeting with trump and the hypocrisy of European leaders, passionate conversations, while migrants drown in the sea. But the General media course compelled to add to this “hodgepodge” is the story of 80-year-old volunteers, the programs of “Active aging” (the term is obviously intended to replace the less beautiful “age of survival”) and “pill of old age” — become painfully familiar refrain that life begins at 40-50-60 years of age, and even later (it will “reform”).

But the program “week” with Irada Zeynalova on NTV went the other way, completely ignoring not only the people’s discontent, but actually raising the retirement age. The network has decided not to go and just to fill airtime chatter about confronting trump with the “hawks” on Roma pogroms in the Ukraine and that the European Union again hangs in the balance.

Of course, the demonstrations did not fit in the porcelain pastoral that we trying to slip the TV. As if the protesters do not want “pill of old age”, do not tend to stay longer young and active, do not dream of go mountain climbing between shifts in closets or at the box office, public toilets… However, if news programs or political talk shows still had to cover the rallies, they have ready would be the trump card that the opponents of reform worry not about the people and not even about their own future. And, for example, work out a “hostile order”.

But cynical of all was the representative of the entertainment industry, our television industry, which usually distanciruemsa from politics, Andrey Malakhov, the idol most vulnerable audience, that is, those pensioners and Housewives. Under the topic of took the whole issue of “Live”. Lead made the main character a nurse close to retirement age, which is ready to continue to work, but I’m not sure that it will give such an opportunity and will not leave without a pension, without salary.

However, none of what the discussion in the Studio in the normal sense it could not go. Weave word patterns, substitution of concepts, sometimes openly causing the replicas in the spirit “do You want to rest?”, bravura optimism (“There is a time to change profession, experience nothing can replace, the labor is happiness”) — and apparent duplicity on behalf of a caring state to the rector of the Russian state social University Natalia Pochinok, Deputy Minister of labour and social protection Andrei Pudova, deputies Gennady Onishchenko and Dmitry Morozov.

As happy age enthusiasts labor Malakhov presented mainly people of the so-called creative professions, who by their abnormal glowing and blissful speeches reminded some walking “Potemkin villages”.

For example, artist Jostova too emotionally assured that they have “not even thinking” about some kind of pension. Also remembered about the brotherly Belarus, which since last year has introduced a gradual increase in the retirement age, one of the participants of the ensemble “Syabry” told that the work he brings incomparable joy and he can’t wait for the morning to fully surrender to her. A singer of ballads and folk songs Tatiana Chernyaeva said that the best remedy for old age is to smile, to go to the gym and to love people. To be honest, to fulfill the last paragraph after such programs is especially difficult…

The most interesting trend in the promises of all these programs — and the cheeky “Live”, and allegedly restrained and objective news programs — was the idea of a vacation as something a priori wrong. Not only that, the desire to relax is immoral, it is also dangerous for your health! Will fade in four walls or the winds. Only work makes life rich, even if you work out of despair. But not going to waste the best years on the bench, playing dominoes or sharing gossip. And medication, which after 50 years is in need of almost every person in our country, will not need to buy. And not on that…


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