HADI-7: the network has shown one of the first racing cars from Kharkov


ХАДИ-7: в сети показали одно из первых гоночных авто из Харькова In Kharkov gathered a real racing car.

Laboratory of sports car Kharkiv automobile and road Institute (LSA HADI) created a record of the model, including reactive! One of the most successful racing car from Kharkov became the HADI-7.

Ukrainian sports car was created in 1966 under the leadership of designer Vladimir Nikitin. HADI-7 is very sleek, literally sprawled on the ground. The structure commonly used dural, so a five-meter car weighed only 800 kg.

ХАДИ-7: в сети показали одно из первых гоночных авто из Харькова

The main feature of the HADI-7 was hiding under the hood. Ukrainian car equipped with gas turbine engine GTD-350 helicopter Mi-2. His 400 HP turned the car into a real rocket!

Already in the first tests Chuguev highway HADI-7 has developed 320 km/h. For comparison, the fastest of the Ferrari in those years reached 280 km/h. Developers believed that the car will break the barrier of 400 km/h But check Ukrainian Bugatti was nowhere in the USSR was not the alignment of suitable length, and abroad HADI-7, of course, was not released.

In the end, it was decided to take the Ukrainian sports car on a dried salt lake Baskunchak (Astrakhan oblast of Russia). There he established a national record speed: 101 km/h at a distance of 500 m and 160,6 km/h on 1 km. In 1967 HADI-7 returned to Baskunchak and improved achievement on 500 metres of 112.8 km/h.

For the record the team of LSA HADI received a number of awards, including the national prize of USSR. These achievements are considered steep even by international standards, so after a short show in Moscow, the exhibition HADI-7 was sent to overseas. For four years the car has been in the United States, Canada, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Cuba.


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