Haddad: the hospital of “Doctors without borders” has destroyed the USA


Хаддад: госпиталь "Врачей без границ" уничтожили США

The Syrian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Riad Haddad said that the airstrike on the hospital of the International humanitarian organization “Doctors without borders” has caused the U.S.-led coalition, and not the Russian space forces.

“As for the hospital, which was destroyed, actually it was destroyed by the U.S. air force. Russian air and space forces do not have anything to do with it,” said Haddad on air of TV channel “Russia-24”.

The Syrian diplomat also noted that in favor of this version show explored.

We will remind, the hospital of the international organization “Doctors without borders” in North-Western Syria was destroyed by an air strike on 15 February. As a result of an airstrike killed seven people (five patients, the nurse and the security guard of the hospital), eight doctors were missing. According to preliminary data, the building was hit by four missiles.

The organization “Doctors without borders” in the destruction of the hospital accused loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops.

It should be noted that this is not the first attack on the hospital organization. So, on 3 October last year, the hospital of the charitable organization “Doctors without borders”, based in the Afghan Kunduz, was partially destroyed during an air strike air force. Later in Washington will claim that the hospital fired at by mistake. At the moment, the Pentagon is still investigating all the circumstances of the incident.

During the airstrike killed 24 people, 14 of them were employees of the hospital.


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