Hackers from North Korea stole secret military documents in South Korea and the USA


Хакеры из КНДР похитили секретные военные документы Южной Кореи и СШАThe stolen documents contain a plan to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Hackers from North Korea stole secret military documents from South Korea, including the assassination plan of DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN, said South Korean MP Ri Cho Hee, citing sources in the defense Ministry of the country.

North Korean cyber criminals hacked the server and gained access to plans for military action developed by the United States and South Korea, the reports of the senior commanders of the allies, and of the important power plants and military facilities.

According to the Deputy, was stolen 235 gigabytes of information. With approximately 80% of the stolen documents has not yet been established. The burglary occurred in September 2016.

The Ministry of defense of South Korea refused to comment on this information.


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