Habits that separate poor people from rich


Привычки, которые отделяют бедных людей от богатых

Not intelligence and talent separates the rich people from the poor. As it turned out, the difference between them is very small daily habits. Moreover, half of my time is spent completely on the subconscious.

The habits of the people that make them rich

1. Get up early

It has long been proven that getting up early is the way to success. No millionaire’t oversleep, because he has many important matters. As a rule, in an empty spent the time equates to lost money.

2. Make a plan of action

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary daily on it to work. Statistics show that 81% of rich people are accustomed from childhood to write the plan for the day, and that evening, to see the scale of the work.

3. Monitoring of financial news

Poor people tend to sit in social networks, for example, in Instagram. But the wealthy man does is completely different: he always checks the current exchange rates and knows all the new stock.

4. The habit of listening

The ability to listen to others is a very important skill, because it helps people to understand what people think about them by others. Moreover, it helps the rich people are smart to support any negotiations and thereby gain success.

5. To control your emotions

Many believe that the rich can say everything, but it does not. Wealthy people before to say something, sort things out properly. The fact is that good relationships with others is the most important factor for getting success, and frivolous arguments can only make things worse.

6. The habit of working

Despite the fact that rich people already have a soul decent condition, they still continue to work hard. As a rule, they work at least up to 70-75 years, and not because it has to do, but simply because differently they do not know.

The main habits of the poor people who just do not allow them to come to success

1. The habit of feeling sorry for yourself

Many people honestly believe that poverty is their destiny, so they start whining and feeling sorry for myself. Someone regrets that he was born a woman, because he believes that men are easier everything is. Others choose a successful marriage, and someone is actually accusing almost the whole world that they are deprived of nature. However, all this banal excuses that make it impossible to move forward and succeed in any business.

2. The habit of complaining

Poor people, as a rule, always and at all complaining. They blame everything but themselves.


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