Guterres said about the financial crisis at the UN


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For the first time the budget of the organization amounted to one year in advance, instead of two, as was done previously

Membership fees paid by 129 countries out of 193. The year is almost over, and the budget received only 70% of planned revenues, reports the with reference to

The United Nations is in a financial crisis. This was stated by the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, reports the UN news Center on Wednesday, October 9.

The draft UN budget for next year is 2.94 billion dollars. First, it covers not two years, as usual, but one.

According to Guterres, for reasons of economy, we have to cut costs, to give up travel, even if they are required to freeze vacant posts and to cancel the planned event.

The UN Secretary General noted that not all countries pay a membership fee — at the moment, payments made 129 out of 193 countries. When the year is almost out, the budget made only 70 percent of the provided income.

To find money for salaries and other current expenditures, the UN “treated” to a separate budget for peacekeeping operations. But this source virtually dried up, said Guterres.

“This month we will face the most severe financial crisis in the last decade. We are risking to exhaust the cash reserves provided for peacekeeping operations, and in November we will have nothing to pay salaries,” — said the UN Secretary General.


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