Guide to Choosing Crane Hire Companies


Hiring cranes and other heavy equipment for various projects is a relatively common practice. Many contractors today would rather hire than buy equipment because it is cheaper. Moreover, funds used in purchasing equipment can be used for other operational expenses. Hiring also eliminates most of the problems associated with maintaining and storing large pieces of machinery.

Deciding to hire equipment is easy enough to do. The complicated part begins when you need to choose from a long list of plant hire companies to find which one you would like to do business with. Many plant hire companies conduct business online like Searching online is a convenient method of getting detailed information about a company and their services.

The plant hire company’s experience

Experience is an essential parameter to consider in choosing a plant hire company. A company that has been around for a long time means they provide excellent service and support. The longer the company has been in the business of renting cranes and other plant, the more knowledge they have about the trade.

Quality of equipment for hire

You need to carefully scrutinise the quality of equipment the company has for hire. The brand, model, age, and how well it is maintained are indicators that the company is worth doing business with. When renting a crane, you don’t need to look for one that is brand-new. But it has to be maintained regularly and be in excellent working condition. The plant hire company should have a complete service record for each piece of equipment they have for hire which you can refer to before signing an agreement.

Compliance with safety standards of operation

Safety is of prime importance when you are in the business of hiring machinery. A crane needs regular maintenance and must be checked so that it complies with safety regulations. Before hiring a crane, you also need to make sure that it fits the safety needs of the construction site. If possible, the crane hire company must also be able to provide you with a skilled and licensed operator. If the rental company provides an operator, you won’t need to train one of your employees.

The cost of renting plant machinery

Price is always an essential consideration for every contractor looking to hire a crane. A major construction project has to stay within budget to ensure that you reach desired profit margins without sacrificing the quality of work. As such, it is not always a good sign when a rental company has unrealistically low prices. While going for the highest rate does not always mean you are getting the best service, it is essential to weigh up all the factors before agreeing on a specific cost for rental.


With all these factors considered, the bottom line is never to sacrifice quality in place of a discount. Once you’ve made your choice, you also need to ensure that you check every detail of the rental agreement so that you know the extent of your liability to the rental company.



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