Guide Huawei fined himself $469 000 for shortcomings in the management of


Руководство Huawei оштрафовало себя на $469 000 за упущения в управлении

A number of the top managers of Huawei Technologies, including the company’s founder Rena Genvea, pay imposed on themselves the penalty of 3 million yuan (us$469 000) in connection with shortcomings in the control of violations in the firm. This was reported in an internal memo of the company.

Руководство Huawei оштрафовало себя на $469 000 за упущения в управлении

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

In the document distributed to employees on January 17, Ren Zhenfei reported that in recent years, some units were “violations of quality and falsification of business“, and the Board of Directors decided to prosecute key leaders.

Employees of the Chinese firm confirmed the contents of the Memorandum, a copy of which was read by the reporter for Reuters.

Руководство Huawei оштрафовало себя на $469 000 за упущения в управлении

AP/Ng Han Guan

Details about the violation Ren Zhenfei not reported. He was fined 1 million yuan. Three successive Executive Directors Guo Ping, Eric Xu, Ken Hu and President staff Jason Lee was fined 500,000 yuan each.

Founded in 1987 by Ren Genteel, a former officer of the people’s liberation army of China, Huawei is owned on a collective basis to its staff and is known for its high level of discipline and self-criticism.

Based in Shenzhen the company has approximately 180,000 employees. In recent years, Huawei has grown rapidly in China’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and smartphones.

Ren Zhenfei not discharged this penalty in response to a certain event, and prompted the management team to reflect on the past gaps in the management and decision-making“, — explained in Huawei resource Reuters, adding that this penalty applies to the moments identified during the internal audit.

According to informed sources, the North – and East-European regional business Huawei, including an office in Poland, as it turned out, overstated sales data. In a report released last week an internal memo was notified of the demotion of the four regional leaders, including President of Huawei Northern and Eastern Europe Jim Lou yuna, and issued him a fine.


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