Guests from the East – save for Lithuanian companies?


Гости с Востока – спасение для литовских компаний?

Emigration and demographic problems of Lithuania are increasingly forcing employers to look for workers in other countries. One of these bailout countries – Ukraine.

According to estimates of the Lithuanian labour exchange, now the work permit in Lithuania have more than 11,000 Ukrainians. Some company telling you what would suit and more citizens of Ukraine, if the procedure of employment was easier.

According to LBT, just last year entered 7170 requests for employment of foreigners from third countries issued 6873 permission. In Lithuania allowed to work employees from 40 different countries. Most of them are citizens of Ukraine (64%), Belarusians – 25%, citizens of Moldova – 4% Russia – 2%.

Director of administration Vičiūnų grupė Ramune Backauscyna said the shortage of workers is felt in a few years. Only companies in plungė employs more than 2,000 people. She told me that some attempt to employ third-country nationals were in vain.

“We are addressing the problem comprehensively – we pay employees competitive salaries, invest in the improvement of working conditions, negotiate on additional social guarantees, we carry workers at their own expense to work not only from neighbouring areas but from plungė,” – said Backauscyna, noting that workers still missing.

In Vičiūnų grupė are only 8 foreigners from EU countries and Ukraine. According to Backauscyna, employment of third country nationals is a very difficult process.

“The first five employees started to work only after three months – such a procedure. We believe that this period can be shortened. We know that there is a shortage of skilled labor, so why should LBT a month required to keep a free working place for Lithuanians,” – said the interviewee.

Head of Communication service of the logistics company Girteka Kristian Kaas Mortensen said that while the company employs the required number of workers from EU countries and third countries, but did not mention how much the company has, for example, of the Ukrainians.

LBT reports that this year received 7,879 applications for employment of citizens of Ukraine. Issued 7352 permission. Just now a work permit in Lithuania have 11 085 citizens of Ukraine.

Most of applications for employment of drivers of heavy vehicles – 84%, construction – 6%, assemblers of metal ships, and welders – 3%. In 2012-2014, among the popular specialties were the cook – 3%. The President of the Lithuanian Confederation of workers of a public catering Grazyna Gruzdiene noticed that not all workers in Lithuania, we are satisfied that in Lithuania employ of citizens of third countries.

“It is felt. We know that is already arrive, but instead, the employers took care of workers qualifications and training, gave guarantees, they choose the easier way. We now behave the same as us behaves EU – pick the most skilled and best workforce,” he said.

Gruzdiene fears that Lithuania will soon flood wave of workers from Ukraine, and this will adversely affect the ability of citizens of Lithuania to negotiate salaries.

“The same thing happened in the EU. Why dissatisfied with the British? If the people in Eastern Europe willing to work for little money, in declining wages,” said Grozdana.

According to her, she heard complaints from the Lithuanian workers on the staff from Ukraine.

“There were complaints that they are given the same salary as worked here 10 years, people. There are signals that people are unhappy.

Our employees have 10 years work to get a salary, which give to the employee from a third country. Second, workers from third countries do not speak Lithuanian, and our refuse to speak another language”, – added the interlocutor.

Gruzdiene did not spare criticism of employers: “Employers must invest in our workforce. If you have a small salary, you can’t lead a child to a prestigious school, and these people are on minimum wage, mass. As Romas said Lazutka, poverty is inherited”.

Gruzdiene said that due to workers from third countries people are experiencing stress: “They ask why should talk with them in Lithuanian, and still has to teach, and for training they do not want to pay”.


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