GTA Online celebrates Valentine’s Day


В GTA Online отмечают День святого ВалентинаIn the game, new machine…

Grand Theft Auto Online understand that time should be given not only the war, but of love in honor of Valentine’s Day, Rockstar Games will be giving away gifts to users.

First of all, the game has a new car — Declasse Hustler. The developers cleverly twisted, in order to associate a vehicle with a holiday — Hustler, they say, the fruit of love old-fashioned glamour and modern muscle car!

In addition, until February 19, you’ll get twice as much RP and GTA $ for some classes. The list of modes with bonuses as follows — “Till death do us part”, “Maniac”, “Resurrection”, “deadline” and “Gone against the doomed”.

Goons your organization and its partners also deserve a bit of affection — they are promised double the salary.

Also, people are happy with discounts on products and real estate. Separately, the authors say the gun of Gutenberg on buying it you can save 25 %. In addition, you will provide discounts for homes in Vinewood hills, transportation, clothing and not only. Full list of the best deals available on the website of Rockstar.

Finally, GTA Online added bonus the race for ATVs Turbine and the test of time “MALS”. Recall that the premium race — a special kind of competition: there are winners are awarded a notable increase to the experience and a thick wad of GTA$.


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