Grudinin refused membership in the Communist party and was disappointed in politics


Грудинин отказался от членства в КПРФ и разочаровался в политике

The former candidate for presidents of Russia Pavel Grudinin refused to participate in elections of the Governor of the Moscow region, and also said that he did not intend to join the Communist party and to participate in any political life in the near future.

“Why do [to participate]? Who will pass the municipal filter? Only those who agreed with the presidential administration, and this one is no Grudinin. I would like to be President. Governor’s election is even worse. If the presidential can suddenly come out — as did the Communist party, placing me here without approval will not work,” he said, answering the question of RBC.

Grudinin admitted that in the medium term it will be limited to “while only” the chairmanship of the Farm to them. Lenin.

Earlier, the head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov announced the coming Grudinina participation in elections of the head of the Moscow region. The former presidential candidate said that Zyuganov is “not understood”, because it could mean participation Grudinina as a candidate, but the Trustee in the campaign.

“What’s the presidency, I’m not going not going to join the party. We have a bloc of Communists and non-party, otherwise I NPSR “Left front” would not support. In this sense, that’s exactly what I needed. And Vice versa — as soon as I become a member of the party, you have to accept their terms of the game,” said Grudinin, answering the question about possible membership in the Communist party.

Pavel Grudinin took second place in the presidential elections of 2018, typing of 11.77% of votes.


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