Grown-up son, Cindy Crawford shared a candid snapshot


The young man shared explicit photos with his girlfriend

If a 16-year-old Kaia Gerber shines on the podium, and personal life prefers to hide from prying eyes, then her brother, 18-year-old Presley Gerber (Gerber Presley), on the contrary, a career in fashion makes gradually, and gets in the media thanks to his novels.

The young man regularly appears before the lenses of the paparazzi with his girlfriend and numerous friends and is not shy about posting candid pictures on a social network.

Recently, Presley has published in Instagram bold the on which poses together with his girlfriend, a popular blogger Charlotte D’alessio. And if Presley pictured wearing a t-shirt and shorts, Charlotte posing in just a bikini. “Miss my girl”, signed Gerber photo allegedly taken during the couple vacation in Miami.

Charlotte left the photo without comment, but sister Presley decided to play a trick on brother, writing: “it’s only been one day.” This is not the first time Kaya leaves sarcastic comments under the posts close. “Mom, where’s dad?” she wrote as Cindy Crawford shared a shot from a “hot” photo shoot in which she posed surrounded by scantily clad young people.


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