Greta Thunberg received the alternative Nobel prize


She was unable to attend the ceremony.

Swedish ecoactivity Greta Thunberg was one of the winners of the award “For the appropriate life support”, the presentation of which took place in Stockholm on 4 December.

“Have a special honor to receive this night the award “For the appropriate life support.” I’m a soul with you in Stockholm”, — stated in the message.

Ecoactivists are unable to personally attend the ceremony of the awards, as it is in Madrid at the 25th conference of the UN framework Convention on climate change. Therefore, the award for Greta received the activists of the youth movement to protect the climate for Future Fridays, which began with pickets Thunberg on Friday at the Parliament building.

The award — a kind of Supplement to the Nobel nomination, as noted achievements in important fields of activity which are not covered by the prestigious prizes of Alfred Nobel.

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Thunberg, who earlier this year was also nominated for the Nobel peace prize, received the award “For inspiring and growing political demands related to urgent climate action.” The cash component of the prize is 1 million kroons (105 thousand dollars). One of the hallmarks of the awards is that the winners are unable to spend the money on their own needs and should direct them towards social work. This year the winners were also awarded a sculpture made of metal processed in the framework of the programme of weapons destruction in Central America.


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