Green coffee or tea: which drink will help you to Wake up


Зеленый чай или кофе: какой напиток поможет проснутьсяExperts suggested, in some of these drinks contains more caffeine.

Lovers useful green tea and coffee drinkers probably will again argue in regards to what actually drink invigorates and tones coffee or tea.

In fact in both is caffeine. However, in coffee beverages it a little more. But here, I would like to note that in green tea there is a substance called theine – it is much longer than caffeine and has a more powerful an invigorating effect, but in the coffee this component.

Coffee is not the same amount of nutrients as green tea, a natural antioxidant, doctors do not recommend abusing it. To refuse, of course, not necessary, but drink per day more than 2 cups is not necessary.

Green tea can be drunk in unlimited quantities, although it has a slight diuretic property, so it can deliver you some troubles if you become consumed by the liter.

What drink helps to Wake up?

Experts would say that he and the other caffeinated drink is able to charge a man with energy in the morning, to cheer him up, to eliminate somnolence, to help you become organized and so on. But still, if we consider the opinions of the doctors, green tea is more beneficial to health, besides, its invigorating effect is undeniable.

In black tea also have caffeine, so it can be used in the morning as a pill against sleepiness.

In General, any of the drinks whether it be coffee/natural or green/black tea, you can screw up with sugar. The more spoons of refined sugar you throw in a Cup of morning hot beverage, the more harmful it becomes. By the way, the use of strongly of sweet coffee/tea not cheer, but rather will relax you and you will want to sleep.

The most important thing – to observe moderation and not to consume caffeinated drinks, then you will get from them the maximum benefit.


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