Greed will bring them to tsugunder


Алчность доведёт их до цугундера

The SKOLKOVO experts write that soon the oil and gas production in Russia will begin to decline sharply: the sanctions have limited the access of Russian companies to the technologies of extraction of unconventional, proprietary technologies for such deposits in Russia.

At first glance a strange thing: > > science in Russia is more or less developed in Soviet times, machine building plants – sea, why not invest in the development of new technologies?
Show completely…

An no. All the money goes to the “cruise missile with a nuclear engine”, etc? It is obvious that if you fall prey, that will not be any money for one or the other. Then the absolute priority must be investment in technology oil and gas! However, in practice, everything is exactly the opposite: in these technologies Russia practically does not invest, but a lot of money going to the military, which in time of peace, have no consumer value.

So Russia is going to fight? And literally that’s it? Because if it does stall the war, the whole of its huge military-industrial complex and the power unit not simply that will contain, because in the medium term, budget revenues will dramatically fall due to the falling production of hydrocarbons…

But it is obvious that, literally this minute, she is not ready to fight. Yes and no plans to Putin. It pumps the information confrontation with the West to achieve their political goals. To a real confrontation with the West, he did not seek. And he does not have any resources. The defeat PMC Wagner showed it clearly.

Then how to resolve this strange contradiction? It’s very simple: you just need is imaginary objectives of the Kremlin to understand his true objectives. So the bitter truth is that the Kremlin has no problem to increase the country’s defense or as a weapon of first strike. As well as to develop their own technologies of production.

The inhabitants of the corridors of power is the task as much as possible and as quickly as possible to steal money. They understand that time is working against them. Where can I steal faster and safer?

Well, of course to steal from the budget in “a cruise missile with a nuclear engine” is much easier and better it first, will never be applied in reality (simply because it is not), second, the main consumer of the products can flog the old cartoon, and with other partners to share the loot, so they nodded and said that he had seen a test of this missile, “will I fall through the ground if I’m lying”.

With technologies of production, this will not work: you need to work. Really allowed to extract oil and gas from tight fields. Including offshore platforms, etc. That is on these streams can not be stolen. Or you can, but few and risky.

That’s why you made such a strange choice. And we (oddly enough) have him to rejoice. For the greed of the Kremlin thieves will soon bring them to tsugunder: oil and gas production will fall and with it will disappear and all the money. Including and the power unit. And then the loyal Praetorian guard of the Emperor are just gonna strangle him. What in world history many examples of…


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