Got bad people


Неудачный попался народ

The government made a discovery: in the absence of economic growth to blame the Russians, with their low incomes. Here, of course, we can only shrug: got bad people. In this case, who but the government and United Russia leader Medvedev, year after year refuses to the introduction of progressive tax scale who block all social proposals to increase benefits and pensions, who, finally, cares about revenues oil and gas industry more owners of the companies themselves — if only to prevent people to the money?

About low incomes, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. Today, labor Minister Maxim Topilin made another discovery: it turns out that wage growth does not affect real income. That is, wages growing and incomes are falling. “Didn’t expect”, — concluded the Minister and complained of the informal sector.

Although this effect was predicted a long time ago. The informal sector is a crisis. Wages were above the a priori (recall again on a progressive scale), and why people are losing money, becoming “legal” work or just not being able to find any.

But instead to ease the burden on businesses, the government continues to pressurize it and is surprised by the results.

I can only repeat: as long as Russia appears socially oriented budget, while in place of the statements about the support families will not come true measures of this support, until a change of tax policy, the government will continue to wonder “unpredictable” effects, which, however, was obvious.


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