Goskompanii devastate the country’s budget


Госкомпаниии опустошают бюджет страны

A letter of recommendation from the Meat Union of Kazakhstan requires from entrepreneurs trying to obtain credit in “KazAgro” on the establishment of feedlots. This and other examples of oddities with the corrupt odor was noticed according to Nurzhan Altaev and urged law enforcement agencies to investigate the situation.

Meat Union of Kazakhstan is a public organization that unites large ranchers of the country. Headed by its two odious character: Maksut Baktybayev who once led the Department of livestock Ministry of agriculture, but lost this position after detention by the police on corruption article (he later received a suspended sentence); and Asylzhan Mamytbekov, ex – Minister of agriculture, his entire career (and countless billions of budget) devoted to the import of cattle from abroad for slaughter or death by starvation in the barren steppes.

As a result, the farming of Kazakhstan to this day not able to feed even its own population, but silently turned into a whole host of meat oligarchs.

What is oligarchy? Pockets full of money, and the ability to influence public policy. In this sense, the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, as it turns out, succeeded, said the expert Agency “КазахЗерно.kz”.

According to Nurzhan Altaev published with social networks information that in his public reception there is a stream of complaints from entrepreneurs faced with difficulties in obtaining loans through subsidiaries of the holding “KazAgro”.

Potential borrowers complain of a lot of problems when trying to get loans through the JSC “agricultural credit Corporation” and JSC “Fund for financial support of agriculture”.

Farmers report that most lending programs and leases listed on the website kazagro.kz taking out loans and leasing is impossible because of the alleged lack of allocated funds for it. In fact, now funded only projects within the credit product “Sybaga” program of productive employment “Enbek”.

Farmers also consider non-transparent procedure of decision making on loan applications, there are also examples where the applications are reviewed within a few months. Delays lead to losses of entrepreneurs.

The terms of credit programs potential borrowers are referred to as inflexible and built on as much as possible to cover the risks of default liquid collateral without regard to other factors (positive credit history, financial status, etc.).

The collateral should cover the amount of the loan in 1,5-2 times, making it virtually impossible lending start-up business.

“Agricultural producers also complain about a lot of unfounded constraints that impede the implementation of investment projects and in some cases lead to the appreciation of its value. For example, when applying for the construction of dairy farms (program “Yrys”) is required in support of the project by independent consultants with a minimum term of 6-12 months.

Independent consultants can act only 2 of the consulting company – “global Expert” (Ukraine) and “Rota Guido” (Italy), the cost of services which, according to some, may amount to 500 thousand U.S. dollars. (Anti-corruption services, I think you need to pay attention to this fact.)

Also when applying for financing projects of feedlots, meat processing complexes, and the purchase of breeding sires ACC somehow requires you to submit reference letters to the financing of ALE “Meat Union of Kazakhstan”,” – said Nurzhan Altaev and noted that the aforementioned problems do not only form a negative image of the subsidiaries of JSC “holding “KazAgro”, but do not allow to effectively implement the state program for agricultural producers, as it instructed the President.

To solve Nurzhan Altaev had a meeting with Vice-Minister of agriculture Rustem by karmanovym. Decided to establish a working group with the participation of the chamber of entrepreneurs “Atameken” and try to rake all the bureaucratic blockages, which for years was saved in the holding “KazAgro”.


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