Google was suspected of deleting pictures of paranormal objects


Google заподозрили в удалении снимков паранормальных объектов On satellite Google maps blur unidentified objects.

The staff of a famous British tabloid made an unusual discovery. They had a journalistic investigation and determined that the employees of the Corporation “Google” deliberately erase from satellite imagery of the map service “Google Maps” “awkward objects”.

For example, similar to the strange sea, lake and river creatures, in this case (see photo below) caught on the “map” the legendary Loch ness monster, inhabiting, according to rumors, in the Scottish lake Loch ness.

Someone will say that the images used “Google Maps”, updated periodically, to more or less be true, and if any water monster floated down the river during a single shoot, it probably won’t be there when the satellite picture of the same place a year later. However, in our case, according to the British, is a different story.

Should someone detect data frames in advance of the monster or something else beyond “the scientific view of our world” and talk about his discovery of other Network users, as censors, “Google” immediately change the map, or even paint over the anomaly, as if it was never there. The question is, why?..

Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that the employees of Google are doing it at the behest of the American government. There are many indirect evidence that multinational high tech company reports directly to the U.S. government and particularly the CIA.

And why do the powers that be to hide the water monsters from the eyes of the world community – is another question. Maybe the shadow government of the Earth fears of panic or just grows in layman ignorance. Most likely, our world just to fit a certain standard of thinking, but because everything that does not fit into this “standard”, for example, the same anomalies, aliens, mystical animals, and so on, distorted, leveled silent.

Google заподозрили в удалении снимков паранормальных объектов


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