Google presented an unusual messenger tasks


Google презентовала необычный мессенджер задачThe new Tasks app has a convenient interface

On April 24, Google introduced its new app “Tasks” (Tasks) – this kind of messenger tasks. It is worth noting that the new feature was update Gmail.

Google recently increased greatly in the design of their apps. “Google Tasks” is a very convenient app, as there are no unnecessary elements, and the interface is not overloaded. Everything is as it should be.

The main menu controls are located on the bottom panel. Clicking on the 3 stripes, the bottom will pop up a small menu with a choice of a list of tasks and possibility to create a list and add Google account. Tap the three dots on the right displays a menu of the sort: “in my order” or by date. You can also rename list, delete it or delete all completed tasks.

To create a job using the button “New task”. Clicking on it will open a small window to input the name of the task, additional information and the date of the assignment. But the functionality does not end there. After the task is created you can go to the task page where you can add subtasks.

Now the function “Tasks” available in Play Market, but in the updated Gmail interface, next to the tab Calandra.


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