Google is preparing a surprise for all Android smartphones


Google готовит сюрприз для всех Android-смартфоновBy the middle of 2018, hundreds of models of mobile devices will receive the support of augmented reality

In the beginning of 2016 at CES 2016 was presented to the world first smartphone with Project Tango, which represented the first version of augmented reality on mobile devices.

For eighteen months this project has not received special popularity among manufacturers of smartphones, and the culprit was the fact that with this technology, all electronic devices must be equipped with special sensors, which cost quite high, and therefore use the Tango Project is possible only on the most expensive phones in the world are a minority.

All this time, Google was working on an improved version of the Tango Project, which was released in August of this year. Along with the final version of the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo users and developers were shown the platform ARCore. It is also designed to interact with the augmented reality, but it has one incredibly important improvement. To work with the new technology of smartphones don’t need special sensors only are available. Today, “the search giant” has officially announced that project Tango, Project given up, because now in the world there are more advanced version of AR-technology.

ARCore technology to interact with augmented reality analyzes the surrounding space, lighting level, movement of objects, and many other parameters, and it uses sensors already built in to all smartphones and tablets. While this new platform works only on smartphones Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+, but in 2018 it will receive the support of hundreds of other models.

The secret is that ARCore is now in beta version, so its testing is conducted only on smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as well as on Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. The last two were selected to ensure that Google employees could adapt augmented reality a new generation of mobile devices from third party manufacturers. South Korean flagships are suitable for this could not be better, as they have dozens of different detectors and sensors for receiving various information, up to the reading pulse.

It is expected that by mid-2018 hundreds of models of mobile devices will receive the support of augmented reality and the smartphone manufacturers to implement don’t have to do literally nothing – just release new firmware based on latest version of Android Oreo. All developers can now adapt their apps and games to work with ARCore to 2018 millions of users among the first to use AR-a reality in everyday life. To support fantastic features should absolutely all Android smartphones that will update to the latest firmware.


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